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A shearer is someone who shears, such as a cloth shearer, or a sheep shearer. Origins of the name include from near Bergen in Norway 1600's [Sweden of that period] as 'Skea' [pronounced Skeg meaning beard] and Heddle [meaning market place] as migrated to The Orkney Islands where the name 'Shearer' is found in Church marriage records of the time and as quite prolific for the overall population. Members of those family Shearer migrated to Australia and New Zealand in the 19th century and represents the highest concentration of nation for the name globally

Additionally, Shearer is a surname:

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In politics and religion[edit]

  • David Shearer (born 1957), New Zealand Leader of the Opposition and UN Deputy Special Representative to Iraq
  • Hugh Shearer (1923-2004), Jamaican Prime Minister.
  • Robert Austin Shearer (1868 - 1920), Ontario farmer and political figure
  • David Shearer (1832-1891), founder of The Presbyterian Church of Western Australian
  • David Shearer (1850-1936), famed inventor of agricultural implements at South Australia, founder of workers rights [medical and other entitlements], noted astronomer of whose recordings stand at the University of Adelaide, practitioner of the Edwardian Society pursuit of thought transference, designed and built the first car in the southern hemisphere as entered the London to Brighton Rally twice and near 100years apart and which vehicle retains what is regarded as the first differential [but not patented]. Resisted by his own society for the invention of the car and as denied Australia of a unique opportunity
  • John Shearer (1845-1932), famed inventor of agricultural implements at South Australia and brother to David Shearer and whose companies achieved greatly for agriculture in tillage methods via Shearer implements as remain in use to this day

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  • Douglas Shearer, an American engineer
  • Jesse Lowen Shearer, an American engineer
  • David and John Shearer, famous Australian inventors, engineers and pioneers of agriculture and automotive, David also a renowned astronomer and phrenologist, unitarian and pioneer of workers benefits

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