Sheen Kach Dam

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Sheen Kach Dam
Sheen Kach Dam is located in Pakistan
Sheen Kach Dam
Location of Sheen Kach Dam
Country Pakistan
Location FR Tank, FATA
Coordinates 32°28′32.3″N 70°19′52.5″E / 32.475639°N 70.331250°E / 32.475639; 70.331250Coordinates: 32°28′32.3″N 70°19′52.5″E / 32.475639°N 70.331250°E / 32.475639; 70.331250
Status Operational
Construction began 2012
Opening date 2014
Construction cost PKR 189 million
Owner(s) Government of Pakistan
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Earth-filled
Height 21 metres (69 ft)
Length 200 metres (656 ft)
Total capacity 320,000 cubic metres (260 acre·ft)
Catchment area 31 square kilometres (12 sq mi)

Sheen Kach Dam is small dam in Frontier Region Tank of FATA, Pakistan.

Construction of project started in 2012, and was completed in December 2014 with a projected cost of PKR 189.230 Million. The dam has a height of 21 metres (69 ft) and length of 200 metres (656 ft). [1]

The dam will irrigate 31 square kilometres (12 sq mi) of cultivable lands, with a total storage volume of around 320,000 cubic metres (260 acre·ft).[2] [3]

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