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Origin  Japan, Fukuoka (the Band was formed in Tokyo)
Genres Rock, new wave
Years active 1978 - current
Associated acts Elvis Costello, Ramones, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Wilko Johnson, Dee Dee Ramone, Yoko Ono, Albert King, David T. Walker, Luther Allison, Roy Gaines, SONHOUSE, The Rokkets, The Rockers, The Mods, The Roosters, Blanky Jet City, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, Guitar Wolf, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, The Privates, Rock'n'Roll Gypsies
Members Sheena (Vocals, Tambourine)
Makoto Ayukawa (Guitar, Vocals, Song Writer, A&R Man)
Kazuhide Kawashima (Drums)
Toshihiro Nara (Bass)

Sheena & The Rokkets (シーナ&ザ・ロケッツ Shīna & Za Rokettsu?) is a Japanese new wave band. They are one of the Mentai Rock artists who were popular in the late 1970s.

They debuted on 1978-11-23 as the opening act for Elvis Costello's Japan Tour. In 1979, Yellow Magic Orchestra (Haruomi Hosono) produced their 2nd Album Shinkuu Pack "Vacuum Pack". In 1980, they shared four shows with The Ramones in Tokyo. In 1981, they were invited by A&M Records in Los Angeles, where they re-recorded an English version, released as "SHEENA & THE ROKKETS IN USA".

The artists have some solo recordings. Sheena made her Solo Album "Beautiful" (Yen Label), Makoto Ayukawa "Kool-Solo" (ALFA Records) and in 1992, he made a London Recordings with Wilko Johnson (Ex- Dr. FEELGOOD), released as "LONDON SESSION #1 & #2".

Their singles, "You May Dream", "Lazy Crazy Blues", "Omae-ga Hoshii [I want you]", "Pin-up Baby Blues", "Sweet Inspiration", "Rock On Baby (Music; Makoto Ayukawa, Lyrics; ayu yu -阿久悠)" are their most popular hits. They are one of many Japanese band's to cover SONHOUSE's Lemon Tea (along with Mad Soldiers, the Red Pepper Girls and Hitomi). Their latest album is "JAPANIK" (Lyrics by Chris Mosdell, who has also worked with them on earlier songs).



  1. 涙のハイウェイ [Namidano Highway /Koiwa No No No] Elbon BON-1014(1978-10-25)
  2. ユー・メイ・ドリーム [You may dream /Lazy Crazy Blues] Alfa ALR-1019(1979-12-5) -- this song was broadcast on Fujii TVs Night Hit Studio on 1980-05-12 --- it was their first big hit.
  3. ベイビー・メイビー [Baby Maybe /Hot Line] Alfa ALR-705(1980-10-21)
  4. 浮びのビーチ・ガール [Ukabino Peach Girl /Radio Junk] Alfa ALR-719(1980-11-21)
  5. キス・ミー・クイック [Kiss-Me-Quick /Moonlight Dance] Alfa ALR-723(1980-12-21)
  6. ピンナップ・ベイビー・ブルース [Pinup Baby Blues /Krazy Kool Kat] Alfa ALR-737(1981-7-21)
  7. スイート・インスピレーション [Sweet Inspiration /Koiwo Shiyouze] Victor VIHX-1643(1984-9-21)
  8. 今夜はたっぷり [Konyawa Tappuri /Let's Go Plaza] Victor VIHX-1665(1985-5-21)
  9. ABC [ABC /Time Limited Bomb] Victor VIHX-1697(1986-8-21)
  10. どうしても逢いたい [Doshitemo Aitai /Sunny] Victor VIHX-1716(1987-6-21)
  11. ハッピーハウス [HAPPY HOUSE /Poison] Victor VIHX-1747 (1988-7-21)
  12. エンジェル・アイズANGEL EYES /I Gotta Move] Victor VIHX-1769 (1989-4-21)
  13. パーマネント・ハネムーン [PERMANENT HONEYMOON /Glory Of Love] Victor VIHX-1774 (1989-5-21)
  14. (ハ!ハ!ハ!)ハードドラッグ [(Ha! Ha! Ha!) Hard Drug /I Like It(Frankenstein)] Speedstar VIDL-103(1992-6-21)
  15. ロックの好きなベイビー抱いて [Rock On Baby /Daughter Of Witch] Speedstar VIDL-172(1994-3-24)
  16. インターネット・キッス [Internet Kiss /Beautiful(English version)] Speedstar VIDL-30036 (1997-8-6)


  1. Sheena & the Rokkets #1 (1979-3-25)
  2. 真空パック [vacuum pack] (1979-10-25)
  3. Channel Good (1980)
  4. Pin-up baby blues (1981)
  5. New Hippies (1984)
  6. Mains Songs (1985)
  7. Gathered (1986)
  8. Captain Guitar and Baby Rock (1987)
  9. #9 (1987)
  10. Happy House (1988)
  11. Dream & revolt (1989)
  12. Ha! Ha! Ha! Hard Drug (1992)
  13. Rock on Baby (1994)
  14. @HEART (1997)
  15. Rock The Rock (2000)
  16. SHEENA & the ROKKETS IN U.S.A (2006-1-18)
  17. JAPANIK (2008-4-23)


  1. Lemon Tea 17"single (1985)
  2. Family dancing (1990)
  3. SHEENA & THE ROKKETS IN THE 90'S (1990)


  1. SHEENA & THE ROKKETS Best Selection (1983)
  2. Early days (1985)
  3. GO GO (1987)
  4. The Original Rock'n'Roll Hearts (1988)
  5. Rock ia alright (1994)
  6. Rock'n'roll heart 2(and roots) (1995)
  8. The Very Best (2000)
  9. Dream BOX (2003)
  10. The Greatest Sheena & The Rokkets (2003)
  11. ELECTROKKETS / V.A. (2004)
  12. Rokket Factory~the worst and rarities of Sheena & The Rokkets in Alfa years~ (2006-8-23)
  13. GOLDEN HITS THE ALFA YEARS (2007-7-25)
  14. WHITE BOX SET ; INVITATION YEARS 1984-1989 (2009-12-16)
  15. BLACK BOX SET ; SPEEDSTAR YEARS 1990-2009 (2009-12-16)


  1. ライブ帝国 [Live Empire] FUKUOKA ROCK INVASION (2003)
  3. LOVE LIVE (2004)
  4. SPACE SHOWER ARCHIVE シーナ&ザ・ロケッツ [SHEENA & THE ROKKETS] LIVE 9207 (2007-2-23)



  • Sheena Rokket シーナ(vocals, tambourine) - married to Makoto - active 1978-
  • Makoto Ayukawa 鮎 川誠 (guitar, vocals) - married to Sheena - active 1978-
  • Kazuhide Kawashima 川嶋 一秀 (drums) - active 1978-
  • Toshihiro Nara 奈良 敏博 (bass) - active 1978-


  • Takeshi Asada (bass) - joined in 1979. Left around 1987. Re-Joined in 2008 - 2011

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