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This article is about the producer for David Letterman. For the CBC Radio broadcaster, see Shelagh Rogers.


Sheila Rogers began her career as a writer for Rolling Stone Magazine as its Random Notes columnist in 1986. She later branched out into special feature articles including interviews with the Rolling Stones, the Eagles (band), Phoebe Snow (musician) [1], Billy Idol, and Bonnie Raitt[2]. Rogers occasionally reviewed concerts, celebrity charity events [3] and the Grammys for Rolling Stone. Rogers has also been nominated for several Emmy's, including in 2004 [4], as part of the music production team of the David Letterman Show.

After leaving writing in 1992, Rogers got a big break with an opportunity to move into television production as a talent scout with The David Letterman Show. In 1996, Rogers became one of the show's music producers and co-produced the first and only Letterman music CD Live on Letterman [5] featuring various popular artists' live performance material including that of Aretha Franklin, Elvis Costello, Jerry Garcia and Sheryl Crow.

Sheila Rogers has been one of the music producers for The Letterman Show since 1992 to present. Along with the production team, she has been nominated for several Emmys. In 2004 David Letterman announced on national television Rogers had a son with the music producer for Saturday Night Live, Hal Willner. Rogers and Willner are recognized as highly influential in Manhattan entertainment circles and had a child in November, 2004 together.

A graduate of Reed College in 1980, Rogers also attended American University of Paris and finished her B.A. in History at UC Berkeley. A native Southern Californian, Sheila Rogers is the youngest of 4 siblings from the wealthy suburb of Palos Verdes Estates California as the daughter of Rita Rogers, MD a renowned psychiatrist who practiced in Palos Verdes Estates' Malaga Cove for nearly three decades, and the late Allen Rogers, MD, a brain surgeon who practiced in Torrance, California.

Career highlights[edit]

  • Random Notes Columnist, Rolling Stone Magazine (1986–1992)
  • Talent Scout, The David Letterman Show (1992–1997)
  • Music Producer, The David Letterman Show (1997–present)
  • Music Producer, Letterman Live CD (1997)
  • Emmy nominations (4), Music Production Team - The David Letterman Show (2004–2006)
  • Letterman's announcement on National Television of the birth of Rogers/Wilner's child (2004)

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