Shekhan District

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Country Template:Country data kurdistan
Regional Kurdish
Governorate Nineveh
founded December 16, 1924
Seat Ain Sifni
 • Total 1,259 km2 (486 sq mi)
Population (2003)WFP program estimation[1]
 • Total 90,590
Time zone AST (UTC+3)

The Shekhan District is a district in the Nineveh governorate of Iraq with its capital at Ain Sifni.[1]

It is bordered by the Amadiya and Dahuk Districts of the Dahuk Governorate to the north, the Akre district to the east, Al-Hamdaniya District to the south, and the Tel Kaif District to the west.


Historical population
Census Pop.

The Shekhan District was formed on December 16, 1924.[1]

After 1991 the Kurds controlled the northern part of the district. And although unified after 2003 the northern part is still under direct control of the Kurdish Regional Government

It is mainly populated by the Yazidis and Muslim Kurds and some ethnic Assyrians.


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