Shelly Li

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Shelly Li
Born November 28, 1992
Omaha, NE
Occupation Author
Nationality American
Period 2009 to present
Genres Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult

Shelly Li (born November 28, 1992) is an American author. She is a junior at Duke University, where she is part of the University Scholars Program. She is in pursuit of two degrees, one in Economics and one in Philosophy. Her most well-known story, "The Parachute" (2010, Cosmos Online), won the national gold medal in Scholastic's Art & Writing Awards.

Publications (Short Stories)[edit]

  • "Replacement" (2009, Nature)
Reprinted in Chinese (2010, New Fantasy Realm)
  • "Outsourced" (2009, Nature)
Reprinted in Chinese(2010, New Fantasy Realm)
Reprinted in English (2010, Wily Writers)
  • "Soul Mate" (2009, Cosmos Online)
Reprinted in Chinese (2010, New Fantasy Realm)
Reprinted in Chinese (2010, Science Fiction World)
Reprinted in English (2011, Allegory)
  • "Royal Blood" (2009, Mallorn)
Lengthened into a novel titled, THE ROYAL HUNTER: THE TALISMAN HUNT
  • "Spaghetti" (2009, Robot)
Reprinted in English (2011, Golden Visions)
  • "Portal #7" (2009, Kalkion)
  • "The Imitation Game" (2009, Nature)
Reprinted in Chinese (2010, New Fantasy Realm)
Recorded in English (2011, The Way of the Buffalo)
  • "The Balance Scale" (2010, Nature)
  • "Intelligent Truth" (2010, DAW Books)
Reprinted in English (Forthcoming, Sniplits)
Reprinted in English (Forthcoming, Golden Visions)
  • "The End of God" (2010, Nature)
  • "The Architect of Apathy" (2010, Mallorn)
Reprinted in English (2010, Labyrinth Inhabitant)
Reprinted in English (2010, Sci-Fi Short Story)
Reprinted in English (Forthcoming, Abandoned Towers)
Recorded in English (2011, Nil Desperandum)
Reprinted in English (2011, Aoife's Kiss)
  • "The Parachute" (2010, Cosmos Online)
Awarded the Gold Medal in Science Fiction / Fantasy in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards (2011, Carnegie Hall)
Reprinted in Hebrew (2010, Bli-Panika)
Reprinted in English (2010, Lightning Flash)
Reprinted in English (2011, ICARUS)
Reprinted in English (2011, MindFlights)
Reprinted in German (Forthcoming, NOVA)
Reprinted in English (Forthcoming, Beta Noire)
  • "The Betrayal" (2010, The Gloaming Magazine)
Reprinted in English (Forthcoming, Villainy by Hall Brothers Entertainment)
  • "Madelaine's Echo" (2010, Labyrinth Inhabitant Magazine)
  • "The Tsarevich" (2010, The Fringe)
  • "Echo of the Invisible World" (2010, Undiscovered)
Reprinted in English (2010, Phantasmacore)
Reprintedin English (Forthcoming, Cosmic Crime Stories)
  • "Backbone" (2011, Pill Hill Press)
  • "Saving Face," co-written with Ken Liu (2011, Crossed Genres)
  • "Jade Dragon" (2011, Daily Science Fiction)
  • "To the Stars," co-written with Ken Liu (2011, Nature)
  • "The Purple Pendant" (2011, Port Iris Magazine)
  • "A Good Time" (2011, Nature)
  • "Coup d'etat" (2011, Shadow Gate)
  • "Every Girl Dreams of Falling in Love" (2011, Nature)
  • "To be the Queen" (2011, Polluto)
Reprinted in English (2011, Kasma SF)
  • "Gypsy Gold" (2011, Starsongs Magazine)
  • "Black Holes, Everywhere" (2012, Nameless Digest by Cycatrix Press)
  • "Clean War," co-written with Ken Liu (2013, Buzzy)

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