Shenandoah Yellow Jackets

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The Shenandoah Yellow Jackets were an Anthracite League football team that played during the league's two year's of existence, in 1923 and 1924 football seasons. They played twelve games in the 1923 football season finishing out the season with five wins, six losses and a tie. But, their actual league record was three wins, three losses, and a tie, the other wins and losses were from teams outside of the Anthracite Football League. But, they still finished third in the overall league standings, and had a points for record of 24 points scored for, to 26 points scored against. Then the Shenandoah Yellowjackets returned for the 1924 football season to complete eight games, going 4-4 for a .500 winning percentage, but two of those games, were non league related, giving the Shanandoah Yellowjackets a three wins, three losses, and zero ties, also with a points scored for 27 points and 30 points scored against. They finished second behind the leading Pottsville Maroons, with a six win zero losses and a tie, in the five team league.[1]