Shengavit District

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Coordinates: 40°08′23″N 44°29′03″E / 40.13972°N 44.48417°E / 40.13972; 44.48417

Garegin Nzhdeh Square at Shengavit
Shengavit district shown in red
Shengavit district shown in red
Country Armenia
Marz (Province) Yerevan
 • Mayor of District Armen Sargsyan
Population (2011 est.)
 • Total 147,300
 • Density 40.5/km2 (105/sq mi)
Time zone   (UTC+4)

Shengavit District (Armenian: Շենգավիթ) is one of the 12 districts of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. It is situated southwest of the city centre and consists of the following 7 parts: The South-Western district, Nerkin Shengavit, Verin Shengavit, Nerkin Charbakh, Verin Charbakh, Noragavit and Aeratsia. Garegin Nzhdeh Square and metro station form the core of the district.

The administrative district of Shengavit has common borders with the districts of Malatia-Sebastia, Kentron, Erebuni and Nubarashen. On the outer border it is adjacent to Ararat Province.

As of the 2011 estimate, the district has a population of 147,300.

Shengavit District is one of the highly industrialized districts of Yerevan with many large plants, including the Nairit Chemical Plant, the ArmElectroMash Company for electrical machines, the Eurostan Uyut LLC for construction and building materials, the Yerevan Cable Factory (ErevanKabel), the Yerevan Tire Factory and the Yerevan Thermal Power Plant.

The joint civil and military Erebuni Airport is located in Shengavit.

Streets and landmarks[edit]

Main streets and squares[edit]

  • Garegin Nzhdeh Street.
  • Shirak Street.
  • Artashesian Street.
  • Bagratuniats Street.
  • Arshakuniats Avenue.
  • Garegin Nzhdeh Square.


Foundations of the ancient settlement at Karmir Blur near Teishebaini
Mika Stadium in 2008


The Shengavit District is served by a public transport network of buses and trolleybuses.

The Yerevan underground metro has 4 stations in the Shengavit district: