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Shenton College
Excellence, Self and Community
227 Stubbs Terrace
Shenton Park, WA, Australia Australia
Coordinates 31°57′31″S 115°48′13″E / 31.95861°S 115.80361°E / -31.95861; 115.80361Coordinates: 31°57′31″S 115°48′13″E / 31.95861°S 115.80361°E / -31.95861; 115.80361
Type Public, Secondary, Co-educational, Day school
Established 2001
Principal Michael Morgan
Enrolment 1386 (20 Feb 2012)[1]
Campus Suburban
Colour(s) Navy Blue and White with Bottle Green PE Shirt

Shenton College is a co-educational public secondary school located in Shenton Park, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia.


Shenton College was established in January 2001 through the amalgamation of Swanbourne and Hollywood Senior High Schools at a cost of $23.5 million. It was a project headed by the then Education Minister Colin Barnett as part of the Local Area Education Planning (LAEP) process.[2]

The inaugural Principal of the College was Pauline Coghlan who was succeeded by Michael Morgan in September 2008.

In February 2009, Shenton College and Newman Senior High School in the Pilbara announced a sister schooling partnership.

During a freak storm on 22 March 2010, the school was extensively damaged by hail and torrential rain. As a result, the school was temporarily closed to all students. Students from years 8 to 10 were not allowed back for 8 days.[3][4] Repairs were undertaken, new carpet was laid throughout, and in April 2010 several buildings were upgraded.


Shenton College is one of eight Western Australian schools offering a Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program. Entry to the program is through the Academic Selective Entrance Test, an annual testing program administered by the Department of Education.[5]

Entry to the Mathematics & Literacy focus High Performance Learning (HPL) program is managed at the school level. Shenton College has a history in winning national and state academic awards and competitions, as well as having student representation in a number of international youth conferences, including TEE Exhibition winners, winning community based competitions such as the West Australian Debating League (State Championship Winners 2004-2007 and 2010), being represented in nationwide competitions and conferences (Evatt Trophy Competition, Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad, United Nations Youth Conference, National Youth Science Forum, Australian National Schools Debating Championships) or being represented in international youth conferences (Australian representatives to the Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN), the Global Young Leaders Conference, the Pacific Model United Nations (PacMUN), the Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition (BYSCC)).[6]

According to Curriculum Council statistics, based on the number of students who scored 75% or more over four TEE subjects, Shenton College was the highest ranked public secondary school in 2009 and 2010.[7] According to The Australian newspaper, based on NAPLAN results of 2012, Shenton College was ranked the top comprehensive public secondary school in Australia [8]

Learning Links Program[edit]

The University of Western Australia and Shenton College continue a partnership known as the Learning Links program, which provides educational and development opportunities for Shenton staff and students. A Memorandum of Agreement for the Learning Links program was signed in November 1999 between the University of Western Australia and Hollywood Senior High School. In 2001, the terms were transferred from Hollywood Senior High School to Shenton College.

The program comprises four major areas for collaboration to create opportunities for learning experiences for students and staff:

  • Work UWA
  • School Management Professional Development
  • Educational Research Professional Development
  • Student Enrichment

In Year 10, Shenton College students are offered work experience at the University in order to enjoy intellectual, social and cultural experiences that UWA has to offer, early in their education. Through Learning Links, Shenton College students have special access to the University of Western Australia and its facilities. For example, the Academic Focus Group students, selected for their outstanding academic potential in Year 11 and 12, are inducted to the UWA Library and have borrowing rights.[9]


Shenton College is built on a 13 hectare site bounded by Lemnos Street, Selby Street and Stubbs Terrace. The campus is adjacent to the Shenton Park railway station (Fremantle line).

The College buildings are curved, of a light limestone with colourful interior walls. There are plants and trees dotted about everywhere and several courtyards and grassed areas within the main building areas. There are pieces of local art (a requirement of the College's construction) in various places around the school grounds.

The school also includes a number of heritage buildings, including Borneo and Alamein House, which have been internally renovated for use as classrooms.

There are two main school ovals, one in front (near the Senior School) and one near the Middle School. In a joint enterprise with the University of Western Australia and other assorted agencies, there is also a new artificial hockey turf near Gallipoli and Borneo houses.


The school has produced two Rhodes scholars: K. C. Beazley (1973) and Jackie McArthur (2011).[10]

The school has performed well in the WACE exams and has consistently rated in the top 50 schools in the state.

Year % +75 in WACE[i] State ranking[ii] % +65 in WACE[iii] State ranking % graduation[iv]
2013 19.41 10 46.00 12 100.00[11]
2012 18.93 16 45.51 23 99.61[12]
2011 21.98 15 56.49 15 99.59[13]
2010 22.94 13 59.63 15 100[14]
2009 9 11 98.54[15]
  1. ^ Based on the number of Stage 3 course enrolments in the school where a WACE course score of 75 or above was achieved
  2. ^ Ranking of school compared to other schools in the state
  3. ^ Based on the number of Stage 3 course enrolments in the school where a WACE course score of 65 or above was achieved
  4. ^ Percentage of Year 12 cohort that graduated with a WACE certificate

Year TER Subjects with Highest Performing Students in WA [16] Western Australian TEE/WACE School Rank [16]
2001 Drama Studies, English
2002 French, Information Systems, Physics
2003 Ancient History, Art, Chemistry, Economics, French, Information Systems
2004 Ancient History, Chemistry, Economics, French, Physics
2006 Ancient History, Applicable Mathematics, Calculus, Chemistry, Discrete Mathematics, Drama Studies, Economics, French, Human Biology, Information Systems, Physics, Political and Legal Studies 5th
2007 Applicable Mathematics, Chemistry, French, Information Systems, Media Production and Analysis, Physics 14th
2008 Ancient History, Applicable Mathematics, Art, Biology, Discrete Mathematics, Drama Studies, Engineering Studies, Geography, History, Human Biology, Media Production and Analysis, Physics 8th
2009 Ancient History, Art, Calculus, Chemistry, Discrete Mathematics, Drama Studies, Economics, English Literature, French, History, Human Biology, Media Production and Analysis, Physical Education Studies 9th
2010 Ancient History, Computer Science, Drama, Engineering Studies, French, Literature, Mathematics 2C2D, Mathematics 3A3B, Mathematics 3C3D, Mathematics: Specialist 3C3D, Media Production and Analysis, Modern History, Music, Politics and Law 13th
2011 Accounting and Finance, Applied Information Technology, Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Design, Economics, Engineering Studies, Food Science and Technology, French, Mathematics 2C2D, Mathematics 3C3D, Mathematics: Specialist 3C3D, Media Production and Analysis, Politics and Law 15th
2012 Ancient History, Biological Sciences, French, Human Biology, Japanese, Mathematics 3CD, Media Production and Analysis, Modern History, Politics and Law 16th
2013 Ancient History, Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Design, Drama, Economics, Engineering Studies, Food Science and Technology, Geography, Human Biology, Japanese, Mathematics 3C3D, Mathematics: Specialist 3C3D, Media Production and Analysis 10th

Notable alumni[edit]

Shenton College[edit]

Hollywood Senior High School[edit]

Swanbourne Senior High School[edit]

  • Ian Cairns - Champion international professional surfer.[22]
  • David Chong - Surgeon, involved in the separation of conjoined twins Trishna and Krishna in 2009 [23]
  • Mike Heald - Australian poet [24]
  • Rachel Pepper - Judge, Land and Environment Court of NSW.[25]

Rhodes Scholars, UWA List[edit]

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