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Shenzhen Media Group
Type Broadcast
Country People's Republic of China
Official website
SZMG online
Shenzhen Media Group
Simplified Chinese 深圳广播电影电视集团
Traditional Chinese 深圳廣播電影電視集團
Headquarters of Shenzhen Media Group

Shenzhen Media Group (Chinese: 深圳广播电影电视集团; pinyin: Shēnzhèn Guǎngbō Diànyǐng Diànshì Jítuán) is a media company based in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China. It owns twelve TV channels and four radio stations which broadcast Chinese music, report news and Chinese talk shows. It is China's sixth biggest television network after China Central Television (CCTV), Hunan Broadcasting System (HBS), Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation (JSBC), Zhejiang Radio and Television Group (ZRTG), and Shanghai Media Group (SMG).

Channels and stations[edit]

Television channels[edit]

As of January 2014, The list of all channels and radio stations of Shenzhen Media Group are as follows:

SZMG TV Channels
Name Description
Shenzhen Satellite TV National News and Finance
City Channel City News and entertainment
Drama Channel TV dramas
Finance Channel Worldwide and national wide Finance
Entertainment Channel Entertainments
Sports Channel Sports news and lives.
Teenager Channel Cartoons and shows for kids.
Public(Cantonese) Channel Broadcast in Cantonese
Mobile TV Channel Subways, buses and outdoor LED screens
DV Life Channel Materials and programs are made by local DV users and producers
International Channel The List in Asia; Cable TV Hong Kong Channel 26,ATV Channel 17,HKBN BBTV Channel 701,TVB Network Vision Channel 86 and now TV Channel 852, Malaysia ABNxcess Channel 315; World wide political news
Yihe Shopping Channel Provide TV shopping programs.
Baoan Channel The former Baoan TV news channel, only broadcast in Baoan District
Western Channel The former Baoan TV drama channel, only broadcast in Baoan District
Longgang Channel The former Longgang TV news channel, only broadcast in Longgang District
Eastern Channel The former Longgang TV drama channel, only broadcast in Longgang District

Radio stations[edit]

Shenzhen Radio Station
Broadcast area Shenzhen, China
Frequency Internet, AM, and FM
First air date 1984
Format various
Owner Shenzhen Media Group
Shenzhen Radio Stations
Frequency Description
89.8 FM News and Finance
94.2 FM Lifestyle
97.1 FM Music
106.2 FM Traffic update



Shenzhen Radio, Film and Television Group was established on June 28, 2004. Group assets and business ties with Shenzhen TV, radio stations in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Film Studio, Shenzhen City Radio and television transmission centers, and other units as the main consolidation. October 9, 2007, the Group respectively Bao'an and Longgang, Yantian, bright, Shekou signed Networks, Inc. (press station) the formation of the contract, marking the city's cable television network integration basically completed. At present, the Group owns 12 television channels and four sets of radio frequency (including a satellite TV channels, a high-definition TV channels, a mobile TV channels, a DV pay channels, a shopping channel, seven terrestrial TV channels and news frequency, music, frequency, traffic frequency, the frequency of life), the establishment of an ad Corporation, Tianwei Video Co., Ltd., Tianbao Radio and Television Network Limited, days-long broadcast TV Network Limited, cultural industries (International) Exhibition Co., Company, Mobile Video Co., Ltd., film studios a few industrial enterprises in 10, the total assets of more than 5 billion yuan.

After the founding of Shenzhen, SVA Group, and gradually clear the Group's development goals: in the next five years or a little longer, to Shenzhen in southern China SVA Group completed the correct direction of public opinion, mass media, both the living and the cause of a strong mainstream media; able to meet a wide audience spiritual and cultural diversity of the strong product demand communication platform; in the domestic and international markets are more competitive content industry base; have first-class digital TV service platform capable of providing quality basic services and value-added services to network operators, so as to realize the city to Taiwan Regional media back to a national group of modern media cross, a comprehensive economic strength, national influence and international competitiveness ranking national "1st phalanx" of the broadcasting group. Broadly speaking, is to implement "One, two, three" development strategy: first-class goals, two across the three groups. "First-class goal" is the national first-class, international influence; "two leaps" is from local media to national media by leaps and bounds, from traditional media to modern media group by leaps and bounds; "three groups" is building an innovative group, Harmony Group, the effectiveness of the Group.

Group firmly grasp the correct direction of public opinion on its TV channels, radio frequency broadcast operations editorial unified planning and management, the establishment of a unified platform for broadcast television news and entertainment resources, platforms, organizing the implementation of revised television programs and made significant resources to effect, linkage effects and personnel effects. The new website of the television channels and radio frequencies to achieve the frequency of the original channel name, position, function of the new adjustment style of the program a new look to further improve the quality of programs have emerged from the "first site", "Live Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan," " Rice did a show, "" News Plaza, "" The night sky is not lonely, "" popular Bridge "and a number are very popular on television, radio column.


In recent years, the Group's radio and television program, the viewing share continues to increase. 2006, the Group's market share of television programs all over Hong Kong and Shenzhen, landing outside the 16 TV channels market share combined. 2007 1–9 months, radio and television programs of the target audience to listen to a good continuation of last year rising trend, a new high. 8 TV channels the average viewing share of 36.30 percent, 8.91 percent compared with same period last year. Shenzhen Satellite TV in 32 cities in the ranking of provincial-level TV viewing share has improved significantly, with an average audience share rankings from last year's No. 19 up to No. 14. At present, Shenzhen Satellite TV coverage has already covered 35 provincial capitals, municipalities and cities with independent plans, 228 prefecture-level cities, 650 four-star hotels and above, covering a population of more than 400 million. Shenzhen Satellite TV has also landed in Japan, Korea, Thailand, the United States, Canada and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, to become China's most influential overseas Chinese, one of the provincial TV channels. Group of radio-defined and distinctive features, the target audience point accuracy, with high-quality programs and scientific and effective marketing, highly sought after wide audience and customers. Radio listening market share in 2006 to 54.19 percent from 2007 1-9 month to 60.92%, an increase of 12.4%. Always Wenju coverage both inside and outside of Shenzhen over the past 20 families the first broadcast.

In 2007, the Group Shenzhen Satellite TV as a leader, focused on creating an "Kung Fu Star TV Competition Global", "Kung Fu Festival", "Moon Wanli China Heart - 2007 Global Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival get-togethers", "Qingchunzhixing" and other major events and parties, launched the "50 hours of the tenth anniversary of Hong Kong's return special events", "Chang'e One" satellite launch and other large live reports received wide media attention at home and abroad, to raise the Group's nationwide influence. According to statistics, "Kung Fu Festival Night" 1.214% share of the national audience, while ranking the nation's first five paragraphs; Mid-Autumn evening to Shenzhen Satellite TV viewership rating periods of the previous night the same rapid rise in the nation's first 16-bit to the first six, compared with a national rating points increased from 133 points to 241 points; Shenzhen Satellite TV broadcast special programs during the return of Hong Kong, a total of more than 400 million passenger trips at home and abroad through different channels to listen to watch the show, Shenzhen Satellite TV market share data over the first half of the average increase of 23%, July 1 On the evening of live TV show so that the Shenzhen market share of TV viewership in the country moved up to No. 4.

Media Group to actively explore the safe operation of state-owned assets and dynamic micro-operation mechanism, according to radio and television industry, public welfare undertakings and operating principle of separation of the sex industry appropriate to market-oriented business assets, resources and business from the current business system stripped out, and enterprise restructuring, through the adjustment of industrial structure, integration of resources, initially formed a film and television, radio, print media, network, and five cross-media industries, overall efficiency has improved significantly. The completion of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone covering the whole cable integrated information network and IP MAN, has completed the SAR analog TV to digital TV as a whole translation, digital TV subscribers more than 960,000 digital TV terminals more than 1.13 million, broadband access into the business exceeded 260,000; groups to actively promote the integration of Shenzhen, cable radio and television networks to work in October 2007, Shenzhen, radio and television initially realized, "the city a net." Yee King built a state-level action cartoon industry base, has attracted more than 50 domestic and foreign well-known animation companies settled base; set up a mobile TV channel, launched a mobile digital television services; successfully hosted the three China (International) Cultural Industry Expo, the first international Shenzhen City \ Architecture Biennale; first half of 2007, the Group completed filming the TV drama "Great New Year", etc. 4 109 sets, animation works by 14,708 minutes, the film 1. "Shenzhen TV" reported that more than 10 million copies of issue with a circulation of national radio and television reported that in the second.

Group focus[edit]

Group's focus on strengthening innovation and mechanism construction, and actively promote institutional innovation, technological innovation and program innovation, and strive to explore the Broadcast Media Group to develop new models of traditional media to modern media changes. At the institutional innovation, the Group's adherence to the "combines unified and separate" and implement "flat" management, to functional system, business unit system and the corporate system, etc., the direct management of the various functional departments, channel, frequency and types of companies, simplifying the management procedures, effectively improving the management efficiency, while through the reform of human resources management system, improve the employment mechanism, incentive mechanism, competitive mechanisms, exit and restraint mechanisms to maximize the full activation of the initiative and creativity, the development of the Group a strong human resources and support. Innovation in the program, the Group established a superior on the inferior part under the management mechanism, and thereby to promote a comprehensive content creation part, shape innovation and means of innovation, meticulous planning to create a number of fine columns, programming. In technological innovation, the Group has been identified as the State Administration of Radio broadcasting system, the country of new technologies, new business units in an integrated pilot project and is actively looking into the IP TV, mobile TV and other digital new media, the feasibility of exploration and new media to fully docking of the ways and means to achieve sustainable development of radio and television by leaps and bounds.

South African holdings[edit]

In May 2009 South African fixed-line telephone operator Telkom said it had sold its majority stake in start-up broadcaster Telkom Media to the Shenzhen Group. The parties had been in negotiations since at least March 2008.[1]

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