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A shepherd's whistle is a specialized, multi-pitch whistle used to train and transmit commands to a sheepdog to aid in herding.


A shepherd's whistle is commonly used for sheepdog trials and was originally developed from a primitive whistle made out of folding over a tobacco tin[1] or dog-food lid and punching a hole.

Mechanics and material[edit]

Unlike other whistles, they are placed inside the mouth and the pitch is controlled by placement of the tongue behind the whistle. They are commonly made of plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, silver, brass, titanium, corion, jade, buffalo horn and other materials. Shepherd's whistles are designed to communicate clearly and at distances up to several hundred yards the commands of the owner to his working dog. They produce clear, high-frequency tones of an easily-modulated and variable pitch, allowing the shepherd to communicate a variety of commands. The pitch is designed to be at the optimal frequency for the border collie's hearing, and for penetration and distance to cut through adverse weather when gathering sheep.


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