Sher Mohammad Marri

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Sardar Sher Mohammad Marri
Sher Mohammad Marri.jpg
Born Mir Sher Mohammad Marri
Kohlu, Baluchistan, British Raj
Died 11 May 1993
Mumbai , Maharashtra, India
Occupation Nationalist, Guerilla Commander & Tribal Elder of Marri Tribe
Years active 1960s–1990
Height 6 ft 5 in
Religion Muslim

Sher Muhammad Bijarani (Marri) was a Baloch nationalist tribal chief. He fully favoured a struggle against Pakistan. He had very close link with governments in Kabul and Moscow. Sher Muhammad Marri was also known as Babu Shero, Shero Marri, General Sherof and Baluchi Tiger.

Guerrilla warfare[edit]

He was the first Baloch who gave the Baloch armed struggle a new shape by following the tactics of modern guerilla warfare, against Pakistan. In early 1960s his Parari (fighters) formations attacked Pakistani Forces in Marri area and in Jahlawan under Mir Ali Muhammad Mengal, the second in command of General Shero. Babu Shero was a military commander who loved alcohol, tobacco and an expert on Marxist literature. But, during last days of his life, Shero and his former comrades broke apart, that time, 1990’s, there was a big confusion between Baloch partisans.


Babu Shero died on 11 May 1993 in a Mumbai (then Bombay) hospital, in India, due to illness.

Popular quotes[edit]

".....I have seen a little Baloch girl who was sold in punjab by pakistani soldiers for just 5 rupees…..we are slaves...." Scripts from General Shero’s interview by Channel 4, London, 1980s.

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