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Sherdog logo
Logo for Sherdog
Web address
Slogan Serving up Heaping Fistfuls of Mixed Martial Arts
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Mixed martial arts, Sports
Registration Optional (required for forum posting)
Available in English
Owner Evolve Media LLC
Created by Jeff Sherwood
Launched 1997

Sherdog is an American website devoted to the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA).[1][2][3] The site is a member of the Crave Online network and provides MMA related content for[4]


Sherdog was created by photographer Jeff Sherwood (nicknamed "Sherdog") in 1997 and was later refined with the help of Garrett Poe.[5] Sherdog features MMA news,[6] individual records of fighters,[7] reviews and previews of MMA events,[8] interviews with fighters and referees,[9] user forums,[10] divisional and pound-for-pound fighter rankings,[11] and original radio programs.[12]

Sherdog is also home to the Sherdog Radio Network, an internet-only sports talk network featuring Sherdog writers and staffers. Weekly programs have included The Savage Dog Show hosted by Greg Savage and Jeff Sherwood, Beatdown hosted by TJ De Santis and a number of co-hosts, It's Time hosted by Bruce Buffer and The Jordan Breen Show.

The current schedule includes Beatdown on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, It's Time on Tuesdays, Cheap Seats on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and The SRN Rewind every Sunday evening. Also included for big events are SRN Roundtables providing previews and "Beatdown After the Bell" for post-fight recaps.

Sherdog has also affiliated with ESPN to provide extensive MMA content for their site. The deal includes ESPN sharing Sherdog's extensive Fight Finder database. The deal would also include the Sherdog Radio Network being part of ESPN's podcast center.[13]

The website also has a forum section composed of thousands of members from all over the world. Recently, a subsection has enabled members to place wagers on sporting events using imaginary "vCash".

The site hosts free live streams of mixed martial arts events from organizations such as Palace Fighting Championships, Wargods and M-1 Global.

Sherdog forums have often attracted controversy and criticism, with a massive attrition rate, moderators who often adopt hard line right wing Zionist positions on things such as the middle east, arguing if "drone strikes on schools could be justified", and debating whether Islam should be reclassified on the ICD chart as an infectious disease, and who seem cow towed to promote UFC at all costs, and their ex mod degenerate gambler, lucas premium gambling site, as he loses money week by week and charges others for the privilege of losing with him.

In keeping with the pseudo sport of MMA itself, sherdog has "rules" that dont carry any real weight, and are used to give lip service to the notion of accountability, while the people who run the enterprise casually ban people they simply dont like, and to promote a spectacle of impartiality, to sheath the process of cultivated sycophancy to the organisations marketing goals and ideological conceits.

"Sherdog is one of the biggest MMA websites, therefore has a forum with high amount of members.

The moderators of the forum are most likely the biggest c_____ f_____ in the history of the internet.

These d_______s actually think that hold a position of power over a bunch of morons who kiss their a__ because they are afraid of the ban hammer, thanks to their worthless and ridiculously high post count."

Sherdog specialize in creating a hive mind advertising platform for UFC, and a right wing out post for cultish zionism and closeted American ignorance in its forums. Moderators cultivate a hierachy of sychophancy to themselves and fan boy fighters and ban anyone who goes against this hive mentality, regardless of any actual understanding of the sport or normal moral positions and reasoning.

Sherdog achieved temporary media fame recently, when it was revealed that the boston bombers posted there regularly.

Sherdog banned people for making threads about this.

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