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Shereen Arazm (born in 1972 in Toronto, Canada [1]) is a nightclub and restaurant promoter and owner. Arazm conducts business as a partner of the Dolce Group, whose other partners include Mike Malin.[2] Other minority owners include Ashton Kutcher.

Arazm was born to a Scottish-born mother and an Iranian businessman.[1] After high school, Arazm attended university, during which time she began to work as a waitress at Terroni Restaurant in Toronto (a brand she later imported to Los Angeles.[1][2] After saving enough money for tuition, Arazm moved to New York City in 1993 and enrolled in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.[1] Arazm dropped out of AADA after two weeks' of study and took on work at various nightclubs, including China Club, Limelight, and Prohibition.[1][2] After failed attempts to purchase a restaurant in New York,[1] Arazm moved to Los Angeles in 2000 and opened her first venue, Concorde in 2003.[2] The name of the restaurant was chosen by minority investor Paris Hilton. Concord received early notoriety soon after opening when Jennifer Lopez hosted Ben Affleck’s 31st birthday party at the venue in September 2003.[1]

Her second venue, El Centro Bar and Lounge, opened in 2004, with the 10,000 sq.ft. Geisha House restaurant opening later that year.[2] Other Los Angeles-area restaurants operated by Arazm and the Dolce Group include Bella, Shag (site of Vanity Fair’s 2005 Oscar party), Parc (2007), Central, and Wonderland.[1][2][3][4] Geisha House has been estimated to be worth US$10 million; Concorde, was estimated to pull in US$1.5 million a year in 2004–2005; and Shag, Parc, and Central each involved investments of US$10 million.[1] In 2008, Arazm opened Terroni in Los Angeles. Not only was the restaurant named after the Toronto enterprise, she also brought Terroni Canada owner Cosimo Mammoliti into the L.A. operation.[2] Together, Arazm and Mammoliti invested over US$1 million to open Terroni L.A.[1]

Arazm's career was featured on an episode of the Canadian Slice Channel program, Women on Top, in 2007.[3][4] That same year, LA Times Magazine named Arazm one of the four top entertainment hosts in Los Angeles.[3][4] In February 2010, Food Network Canada announced that Arazm would be the "resident judge" on Top Chef Canada.[3][4]

Arazm is married to Oren Koules (who was also one of her business partners), with whom she had a daughter, Sam, in 2008.[2][4]


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