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Not to be confused with sharif or sheriff.

Sherif or Sherifa is someone who is descended from Muhammad by way of his daughter Fatimah. The word comes from Arabic sharif (Arabic: شريف‎) meaning "noble", from sharafa meaning "to be highborn". It is also commonly known as Ashraf, and also sharif. It is etymologically unconnected to Sheriff. Notable people with the name include

Given name[edit]


  • Amro Sherif (born 1991), Egyptian basketball player
  • Omar Sharif (born 1932), Egyptian actor
  • Safwat El-Sherif (born 1933), Egyptian politician
  • Muzafer Sherif (1906–1988), Turkish-American psychologist, one of the founders of social psychology, and co-developer of social judgment theory with Carl Hovland

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