Sheriff Callie's Wild West

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Sheriff Callie's Wild West
Sheriff callie logo.png
Genre Preschool
Format CGI Animated Series
Developed by George Evelyn
Holly Huckins
Denis Morella
Starring Mandy Moore
Lucas Grabeel
Jessica DiCicco
Kevin Michael Richardson
Cree Summer
Opening theme "Sheriff Callie's Wild West" by Mandy Moore
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 40 (20 aired)
Executive producer(s) George Evelyn
Denis Morella
Running time 22 Minutes (Each Segment: 11 Minutes)
Production company(s) DHX Media
Distributor Disney–ABC Television Group (USA and Japan)
DHX Media (International)
Original channel Disney Junior
Picture format SDTV (480i 4:3), HDTV (1080i 16:9)
Original run December 13, 2013 (2013-12-13) (pilot)
January 20, 2014 – present
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Sheriff Callie's Wild West is a musical comedy series for preschool children. The series is created by the combined efforts of George Evelyn, Holly Huckins and Denis Morella and produced by Wildbrain of Higglytown Heroes and DHX Media. It first aired on Disney Junior on January 20, 2014 with an 11-minute episode preview aired in the "Magical Holidays on Disney Channel" programming event in December 13, 2013.[1] The series borrows elements from the Western genre with the theme of the series revolving around "Getting along with each other".[2] It also had a special look on Disney Junior on January 25, 2014, at 7:25 pm ET.


In a western town called Nice and Friendly Corners, everyone is an anthropomorphic and cute animal. They all get along and are friendly to each other. However, there are times when the townsfolk get into problems or don't get along with each other. The series follows Sheriff Callie, a female Calico cat and the sheriff of Nice and Friendly Corners alongside her friends Deputy Peck, a male red Woodpecker and keeper of the town jail and Toby, a male Saguaro Cactus. Together they all solve problems and teach the townsfolk to get along with each other while working hard to make the town the friendliest in the west.


Sheriff Callie, the main character. She is a calico cat who wears a pink cowgirl hat and cowgirl boots as well as a vest, checkard sweatshirt, and sheriff badge. She has a magic noodle lasso that can turn into different shapes for different purposes. Sheriff Callie always knows just what's right and serves as the sheriff to Nice and Friendly Corners. Her catchphrases are "Sweet sassafras!" ,"Leaping lassos!" and "What in whiskers?" In the original Oki's Oasis she was to be named "Oki". Played by Mandy Moore.

Deputy Peck, a woodpecker and the deputy of Nice and Friendly Corners. He wears a brown kepi as well as a white shirt and vest with a shiny deputy badge. He is good at whistling, sweeping the jail house, playing horseshoes, and serving as second in command to Sheriff Callie, but he is a bit of a bragger and a total neat freak. Peck and Toby are best buddies, and Peck will always stand up for his cactus pal. Peck's favorite food is trail mix, and he tends to end sentences with "...on account of I'm the deputy!" as well as say "Holy Jalepeños!" Played by Lucas Grabeel.

Toby, a friendly cactus whose full name is Tobias P. Cactus. Toby sees the good in everything and is almost always happy. This cactus also is a great dancer and loves to have fun. He wants to learn how to twirl a noodle lasso like Sheriff Callie, and will often tag along on Callie and Peck's adventures while using a barrel for transportation by rolling on it. Toby loves milkshakes and popcorn as well. He also can play the harmonica. Sometimes, when his spines get into trouble, he claims that he's "a pokey cowpoke." In the original Oki's Oasis he was to be named "Kiko". Played by Jessica DiCicco.

Governor Groundhog a groundhog who is the governor of the state where the town of Nice and Friendly Corners is located and the surrounding area is located as well.

Uncle Bun, a rabbit who owns a general store. He is a bit forgetful sometimes, and someday dreams of moving to the big city. Played by Kevin Michael Richardson.

Ella Cowbelle, an anthropomorphic cow who runs a saloon and serves up frosty glasses of milk as well as delicious milkshakes. Ella also has a talent for juggling milkshakes. Her catchphrase is "Sweet Buttermilk!"Played by Mo Collins.

Priscilla Skunk, a female skunk, and a lady who loves to look her best. Priscilla, clad in satiny pink frills, loves roses and all sorts of flowers as well as makeup. She, however, one time was jealous of Frida Fox and wanted to ride a horse and do tricks like her. She is Farmer Stinky's cousin and at one time was upset with him for ruining her meeting with the Flower Society and tried to change him into debonair Gentleman. Played by Cree Summer.

Farmer Stinky, a male skunk who is the cousin of Priscilla. While Priscilla is clean and tidy, Farmer Stinky is usually dirty and lives up to his name. He can grow rare prairie peppers. Played by Kevin Michael Richardson.

Dirty Dan, a boar who is Dusty's brother. His hobby is mining like his older brother Dusty. His name, "Dirty Dan," might be an allusion to the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Survival of the Idiots". Played by Gary Anthony Williams.

Dusty, a boar who is Dirty Dan's brother. He likes mining just like his younger brother Dirty Dan. Also played by Gary Anthony Williams.

Banker Badger, a badger who serves as the town banker. Played by Jeff Bennett

The Prairie Dogs sometimes recap events through song. There are three. One is male and plays guitar and wears a red cowboy hat, another is also male and plays banjo and wears a straw hillbilly type hat, and another is female and does not play any instruments but wears a sunbonnet. In the episode "Here Comes the Sun" the Prairie Dog trio wore night shirts, night caps and a nightgown in the night sequences. They are played by Lucas Grabeel and Jessica DiCicco.

Abigail, the town's newspaper writer and editor who sometimes exaggerates her stories. Played by Mo Collins.

Mrs. Rattlesnake A Rattlesnake who lives in the outskirts of town. She wears a straw bonnet with a feather on it.

Frida Fox, a fox and stunt rider with a horse named Sampson. She is good at riding and roping, making Priscilla jealous. Played by Mo Collins. She made a minor appearance in Sparky's Lucky Day and in The Pesky Kangaroo Rat.

Sparky is Sheriff Callie's trusty blue horse. Dee Bradley Baker makes Sparky's noises. .[3]

Clementine is Deputy Peck's slow, not quite trusty mule whose sounds are provided by Jessica DiCicco.

Pecos Pug is the stagecoach driver for the stagecoach line that serves Nice and Friendly Corners.

Dr. Wolf is the dentist. Everyone, at first, thought because of his appearance (after a rough stagecoach ride that mussed up his hair) that he look like a big scary wolf looking to cause harm to Deputy Peck but he soon revealed that his true identity was just a dentist looking to cure Peck's bent beak. He likes cactus juice with extra thorns. Played by Kevin Michael Richardson.

Doc Quackers is a duck who is the town's doctor. Played by Jeff Bennett.

Cody, a roadrunner who serves as the town's mailman. Played by Jeff Bennett.

Tio Tortuga is a wise old tortoise of Hispanic descent. He owns a purple top hat with a blue feather plume on it that he calls his "lucky hat". Played by Carlos Alazraqui.

Mr. Dillo is an armadillo who's the town's blacksmith. He creates the horseshoes that Sparky wears. Played by Jeff Bennett.

Mr. Engineer is a Raccoon who's the locomotive engineer for the railroad that serves Nice and Friendly Corners. Played by Jeff Bennett.

Tricky Travis is a scrawny con artist salesman coyote who almost scammed Peck and Toby out of their prized belongings by selling fake "Make You Strong Shirts" to them. Played by Jeff Bennett

Oswald is a large slightly oafish bear who was Tricky Travis's assistant and put on a squirrel costume so that he could look like a puny little squirrel in front of Peck and Toby.

The Wolf Brothers (Red,Grey and Brown) a trio of train bandits who attempted to steal the Golden Star trophy.

Ray Jay and Jay Jay Blue Jay are two Blue Jay farming brothers who had to resorted to steal Farmer Stinky's corn crop after their corn crop withered due to a severe drought that plagued their farm. Played by Rob Paulsen.[4]

The Milk Bandit a wildcat who robs Ella's milk saloon but is stalled by Priscilla. Played by Flea.[5]

Parroting Pedro a Green Parakeet who has a problem in repeating and drove Peck crazy with antics.


æ===Season 1===

No. Title Original airdate
1 "Horseshoe Peck/Callie's Gold Nugget" December 13, 2013 (Horseshoe Peck, as a pilot)
January 20, 2014

Horseshoe Peck: After learning how to play horseshoes Peck starts to brag about how good he is at horseshoes after he scores a double ringer and starts to rub it in to the other townsfolk on how he's better than them. Because of this Sheriff Callie teaches him how to be a good sport when she challenges him to a game of horseshoes and beating him at his own game.

Callie's Gold Nugget: Sheriff Callie found a large gold nugget when she was mining for gold in the river and planned to use the money from the sale of the nugget it to fix Rickety Bridge. When the gold nugget disappeared, Peck and Toby came up with the brilliant plan to paint a rock gold and disguise it as Sheriff Callie's gold nugget later. But after both Peck and Toby confessed on losing the gold nugget, they found the missing gold nugget under Peck's hat and learned how it's important to tell the truth at all cost.
2 "Train Bandits/ A Dirty Dusty Apology" January 20, 2014

Train Bandits:While on the way to Junctionville with Governor Groundhog for the annual Sheriff's contest, Sheriff Callie takes care of business when three train bandits steal the Golden Star trophy that was destined for a awards ceremony to be awarded for "The Best Sheriff in the State".

A Dirty Dusty Apology: Dirty Dan and Dusty argue over which way the iron is when they mine for iron for Mr. Dillo. Sheriff Callie soon steps in and teaches them to say that they're sorry when they hurt each other's feelings during the argument but as they still continue arguing they both put themselves into serious danger.
3 "Tricky Trouble/Toby's Untrue Achoo!" January 21, 2014

Tricky Trouble: A sneaky slimy, traveling salesman named Tricky Travis hopes to make money selling his "Make You Strong Shirts" to the whole town. However, these shirts don't actually make you strong at all! After Peck and Toby are fooled by a big, strong bear named Oswald (dressed as a puny weak squirrel) lifting a big but light and inflatable boulder while wearing the shirt, they think they're really strong. But after nearly causing a disaster with Ella's milk wagon after they tried to lift it, the two discover that they're victims of Tricky Travis's ruse and gave chase and with Callie's help capture the two con artist.

Toby's Untrue Achoo!: Toby wants to show the town his new "Cowboy Cactus Kick Step" dance, but Sheriff Callie's getting all the attention because she has the kitty sniffles. Due to this Toby pretends to be sick just so he can get more attention. But he discovers that being or pretending to be sick isn't fun especially if he misses the Hoedown dance because of his so-called illness.
4 "Stagecoach Stand-Ins/ Gold Mine Mix-Up" January 22, 2014

Stagecoach Stand-Ins: Peck and Toby get to drive the stagecoach when Pecos Pug the regular stagecoach driver is unable to drive it due to a injury that sidelined him for a week, However, they forget a important gold shipment that was needed to be delivered to River City while taking a dangerous shortcut through the Scary Prairie trying to avoid Sheriff Callie who they mistake for a rough and tough bandit known as the "Banjo Bandit!"

Gold Mine Mix-Up: When Dirty Dan says there is no gold in Tricky Mine, he tells Uncle Bun to tell his brother Dusty. But, Uncle Bun doesn't pay attention while tending to the other customers in the general store and misinforms everyone that there is gold in Tricky Mine. Problems arise when Dusty goes mining over at Tricky Mine and is confused and nearly endangers himself.
5 "The Pesky Kangaroo Rat/Cattle Overdrive" January 23, 2014

The Pesky Kangaroo Rat: A baby Kangaroo Rat with a fondness for prairie pickles hitches a ride into Nice and Friendly Corners in Toby's basket and causes total chaos and destruction in town and driving Sheriff Callie crazy while trying to capture him. Then, Callie later learns by Tio Toturga's patience that being patient is the best way to catch a small pesky critter no matter how long it takes.

Cattle Overdrive: Peck and Toby try to take a shortcut while herding Farmer Stinky's cattle out of the valley from their summer feeding grounds nearly endangering the cattle and themselves in the process.
6 "Sparky's Rival/Jail Crazy" January 24, 2014

Sparky's Rival: Sparky feels jealous of the new, fast Iron Horse train which Mr. Engineer describes as being better than horses. Later, they rescue Priscilla Skunk after she accidentally touches a lever that caused the Iron Horse to go out of control in a high rate of speed, Sheriff Callie teaches Sparky that no train can replace a trusty horse.

Jail Crazy: While Sheriff Callie is out of town helping Cody deliver the mail, Peck is appointed as the substitute sheriff. However, he goes out of control by putting all the residents of Nice and Friendly Corners in jail for reasons that make little sense and not knowing that a escaped convict named Billy Goat the Kid is ransacking the town stealing the townsfolks' belongings including Peck's Horseshoe Trophy.
7 "Toby Gets Nosy/Peck Takes It Back" January 27, 2014

Toby Gets Nosy: Toby grows a bump on his nose (which he calls Mr. Bump) before the first ever town picture. Problems arise when the odd, pink bump gets bigger by the minute and there's virtually no way to cover it up until the bump blossoms into a beautiful and "purdy" cactus flower.

Peck Takes It Back: When Toby spills popcorn and milk on the jailhouse floor, Peck calls him a pinecone. This makes Toby wondering why he was called a pine cone and sets out in a dangerous quest seeking the answer. Later, Peck regrets calling Toby a pinecone.
8 "Sparky's Lucky Day/ Peck's Bent Beak" January 28, 2014

Sparky's Lucky Day: Sheriff Callie gets Sparky a "lucky scarf" in hopes that it will improve his racing skills before a big race after he loses his confidence after slipping during a trial run.

Peck's Bent Beak: After trying to eat one of Priscilla's "Belly Sinker Biscuits," Peck pecks at it and bends his beak. Sheriff Callie calls the dentist, Dr. Wolf, but nobody knows Dr. Wolf is the dentist. He looks scary (After a rough stagecoach ride that mussed up his hair) and when he says that he's going to "straighten out the Deputy," everyone - even Peck himself - is terrified of him. So Toby tries to disguise himself as Peck to lure Dr. Wolf away while Peck looks for Sheriff Callie ending in a disastrous collision between the two. But Peck,Toby and the townsfolk learned to never judge a person in their appearance no mater how they look like.
9 "Toby the Cowsitter/ Callie's Blue Jay Blues" January 29, 2014

Toby the Cowsitter: Toby earns money for milkshakes by starting a cow sitting business for the farmers attending a Green Bean convention at Red Gap, but fails to keep up with his promise in taking care of his charges.

Callie's Blue Jay Blues: Callie tries to stop a pair of blue jay brothers named Ray Jay and Jay Jay from stealing Farmer Stinky's corn crop during the annual Corn Pickin' Days festival. But Sheriff Callie discovers the real reason why they were stealing Farmer Stinky's corn crop and she and Farmer Stinky helps them out in their time of need.
10 "Peck's Darling Clementine/Lasso Come Home" January 30, 2014

Peck's Darling Clementine: Tired of Clementine's tardiness and slowness, Peck decides to trade in Clementine for a fast horse named Lickety Split as his new ride but gets more than he bargains for because Lickety Split can be very tricky to stop. After Clementine rescues Peck and the others, Peck apologize to Clementine that even though she's slow, she can be also helpful and useful and returns Lickety Split to the owner.

Lasso Come Home: Toby decide to use Sheriff Callie's Noodle Lasso without the proper training on how to use it and is abducted by a giant eagle which he accidentally lassoes.
11 "Twist and Shout/Calamity Priscilla" January 31, 2014

Twist and Shout : After a Spaghetti Twister roars through town, Peck gets mistaken for a hero for ringing the town square bell. When Peck saw this, he decides to speak the truth to everyone.

Calamity Priscilla : When Frida Fox comes to town, Priscilla's jealousy causes her to try riding on horseback like a stunt rider, much like her idol Frida. Soon, she realizes that it's best to be herself and use her expertise in growing beautiful roses after her horseback riding attempt turns out disastrous.
12 "King Stinky/Abigail's Extra Big Story" February 3, 2014

King Stinky : The town folks decide to do favors for Farmer Stinky in order to get some rare Prairie Peppers. Unfortunately there are not enough peppers for anyone.

Abigail's Extra Big Story : After reading Abigail's super-exaggerated news story about Vanilla Plains being a paradise with popcorn trees and soda pop springs that was discovered by explorers, Peck and Toby decided to explore Vanilla Plains not knowing that it was a desolated barren area filled with dangers.
13 "Horsefeathers/My Brother's Sleeper" February 4, 2014

Horsefeathers: After seeing Clementine with feathers and thinking she grew them, Peck and Toby try to teach her to fly. However it turns out Clementine was just covered with sticky molasses and the feathers got stuck to her.

My Brother's Sleeper: During the annual bed race, Dirty Dan and Dusty get overly competitive while racing with opposing teams during the race but when they get into deep trouble along with Peck and Toby, they both realize that helping each other and having fun is more important than winning.
14 "Callie Asks for Help/ Peck's Trail Mix Mix Up" February 6, 2014

Callie Asks for Help: Tio Tortuga recalls the day that Callie got stuck in which is now known as Helping Hand Canyon and needed help from the townsfolk to get out of the canyon.

Peck's Trail Mix Mix Up: Peck notices that some of his trail mix was missing and starts accusing the townsfolk for stealing his trail mix. It turns out that his sack has a hole because Peck puts his trail mix too close to his badge and failed to realize.
15 "Priscilla's Lost Love Bird/ Callie's Cowgirl Twirl" February 14, 2014

Priscilla's Lost Love Bird :Priscilla's Desert Love Birds named Paulie and Dolly escaped from their cage while meeting Governor Groundhog with the townfolks (who was on tour awarding deputies shiny golden star badges for their hard work) after she accidentally knocks over the cage, so after capturing Paulie, both Peck and Sheriff Callie go on a hunt to find the missing love bird. They soon learn after a few disastrous rescue attempts that Dolly was attracted to Peck's whistling. And for his valiant effort was rewarded the largest shiniest Gold Star Badge by Governor Groundhog!

Callie's Cowgirl Twist : As Sheriff Callie prepares for the town's annual square dance, she gets a tin can stuck on her foot and while trying to pry the tin can off created a new dance step called "The Cowgirl Twist" which was a hit in the Square Dance.
16 "The Pie Thief/Fool for Gold" March 7, 2014

The Pie Thief: During a Pie Bake Off contest, Priscilla ate the competing pies and makes up a story about a pie thief who ate the pies so she tries to hide the pies she ate. Then while Callie and Peck are looking for the pie thief, she must stop a real bandit who's robbing Ella's milk saloon from getting away.

Fool for Gold: When Uncle Bun finds a huge nugget of gold in his backyard, he thinks that he's rich and that he can use the so-called gold nugget to move to the big city because he is convinced it's the real thing. Soon, he gets rid of everything in his store including the general store itself but after he finds out that the nugget is actually fool's gold (AKA Pyrite)...which is worth not a lot of money, Uncle Bun soon has to tell everyone the truth. But, everyone already threw a going-away party for him!
17 "Peck and Toby's Big Yarn/ My Fair Stinky" April 8, 2014

Peck and Toby's Big Yarn : Peck and Toby accidentally unravel Callie's blanket gift for Uncle Bun's birthday and tries to knit another blanket with disastrous results.

My Fair Stinky  : After ruining the Flower Club meeting with his stink, Priscilla decides to turn Farmer Stinky into a refined proper gentleman.
18 "Parroting Pedro/Toby Gets The Scoop" May 23, 2014

Parroting Pedro: A newcomer to town named Parroting Pedro drives Peck crazy repeating everything he says and does. Peck thinks that everyone in town is teasing him but Pedro doesn't realize that copying and repeating someone can cause so much trouble. Due to this, Peck puts Pedro in jail. Later, Callie, after apologizing for Peck's actions, takes Pedro to Echo Canyon where he finds out how repeating after Peck made Peck feel.

Toby Gets The Scoop: Toby wants to be a reporter. like Abigail and tries to find a "scoop" that is newsworthy but doesn't realize that his curiosity will get him into big trouble.
19 "Here Comes The Sun/Bug Trouble" June 6, 2014

Here Come The Sun :While camping out in the desert with Sheriff Callie and hearing Sheriff Callie telling them a spooky story, Peck and Toby, woke up in the middle of the night terrified by the spooky noises, borrow Sheriff Callie's lasso while she's asleep. Everyone soon gets deprived of sleep and a horrific sweltering heat wave strikes Nice and Friendly Corners when Peck and Toby use the lasso to lasso the sun and get it to rise earlier!

Bug Trouble : While a invasive swarm of Berry Eating Bugs is threatening to destroy the town's Rutaberry crop, Sheriff Callie calls on the townsfolk to gather at Farmer Stinky's farm to pick the Rutaberries. Unfortunately the townsfolk bicker on which way is the best way to pick a Rutaberry, but discovered that all of their different methods on picking Rutaberries can work out if they all work together as a team.
20 "Moustache Toby/Doc's Cheatin' Chili" June 20, 2014

Moustache Toby: Toby sports a fake mustache in hopes that he'll be regarded as a rough, tough cowboy like his hero Sagebrush Sam.

Doc's Cheatin' Chili: Doc steals Tio's Tres Colores peppers during the annual chili cook-off, therefore resorting to cheat in order to be the winner of this year's annual chili cook-off but resulted into a fiery disaster of hot fiery chili that threatens to bury the town! Only Tio's Cooling Beans can cool down the fiery mess that Doc created.
21 "Toby Braves The Bully / The Tumbling Tumbleweed[6]" August 16, 2014

Toby Braves The Bully:

The Tumbling Tumbleweed:
22 "The Prickly Pair/Crystal Cave Caper[6]" August 29, 2014

The Prickly Pair: TBA

Crystal Cave Caper: TBA


"Davy would always do the right thing but then he'd turn around and become a super-action hero — and that's Callie. She'll moralize and teach good social ethics, but when it's time to jump on a horse and lasso a tornado, she does it."

— Creator George Evelyn, describing about Callie's personality and role[2]

The series was announced back in 2011 under the working name "Oki's Oasis" during the Summer Television Critics Association with Mandy Moore voicing the main character, depicted as a white and gray Tabby Cat. It was announced to be released at the end of 2013[7] but got pushed back to January 20, 2014 due to several changes to the name and characters. The name changes possibly had to do with the fact that "Oki" and "Kiko," the original names of Sheriff Callie and Toby, were Japanese names that would not be very fitting in a show set in the Old West.[1] (Kiko also spelled Quico are also the nicknames for Francisco and Frederico in Spanish.) On November 18, the official website was launched with the character information and minigames.

In an interview with Holly Huckins, George Evelyn and Denis Morella in TV Guide, Huckins stated that "We've had so much fun taking all those classic cowboy devices — from tornadoes and cattle stampedes to train robberies and the High Noon shootout — and making them kid-appropriate in order to teach lessons about sharing and forgiveness and good manners,".[2] Morella also stated that "There's even a saloon! "But there is no liquor and no rowdy, scary drunks." She also stated that "Ella the cow, who runs the establishment, serves up milkshakes, fruit juice and other healthy drinks — but we still slide those drinks down the bar like in the old western movies!"[2] The team also stated that the series takes inspiration from several Western Movies and series like The Andy Griffith Show, Green Acres, Quick Draw McGraw and the classic 1950s Disney series Davy Crockett.[2] "We did our research and found that the real Wild West wasn't anywhere near as wild and frightening as Hollywood's ultra-violent, gun-slinging mythology would have us believe," Evelyn says. "The West was settled primarily by people who were intent on obeying the rules, people who went the distance to help each other out — and that's the town of Nice and Friendly Corners!"[2]

Lucas Grabeel, the voice of Deputy Peck stated in an interview that "Sheriff Callie always comes in at the last minute and saves the day and teaches everyone a really valuable lesson and that's the other great part of it." He also said that "The kids who watch the show will not only hear an original country song every episode, but they'll also learn a very simple but very valuable lesson." Grabeel also said that "I've always loved doing silly voices." and that "This is my first series regular position on any show, so that was definitely a change. Even though I had done [voice over work] in the past, I was still a little nervous about how it was going to go. But the family that surrounds Sheriff Callie's Wild West is such a warm, welcoming group of veterans and very experienced people in the voice over world. They welcomed me in and said, 'You're good, just trust yourself.' They were right. It was really great to be a part of it."[8]


The series features a lot of western music and songs inspired from country pop to Appalachian. The opening song of the series is performed by Mandy Moore. Evelyn said that "Mandy Moore did such a great job for Disney in Tangled and we're thrilled to have her with us. She's the perfect voice for Callie — sweet when she needs to be but she can quickly pull out that spunk and attitude when necessary."[2]

For a list of Sheriff Callie's Wild West songs, click here.


The series received positive reviews on its launch. Carey Bryson of said that "A Western for preschoolers -- such a perfect genre to get kids excited and teach them about good ol' manners, friendship and fairness. The visual style of this series is cute, but not exceptional. The strength of the series lies in Old West flavor, including awesome Western style music and all the folksy characters we would think of in a Western show -- the milkshake saloon owner, the wise old tortoise, the javelina miners Dirty Dan and Dusty, the roadrunner mailman...the list of adorable Old West characters goes on and on." and that "Sheriff Callie's bringing Western back, and preschoolers, as well as their parents, will appreciate this friendly and flavorful show."[9] Common Sense Media gave the series a 4 out of 5 Stars, praising on how Disney handled the Wild West setting in order to teach good manners and saying that "Catchy songs and the show's cute incorporation of its Old West theme give this show real flair, and the fact that it casts a pink boots-wearing girl as the town sheriff goes a long way to bridge the gender gap as well."[10]

The series' premiere received impressive ratings. On Disney Junior, it received a total viewer record of 1.35 million in 5:00 PM. It was also the 4th series telecasted to attract a 4.3 rating, making the #1 telecasted to appeal on all preschool demographics. The series also received more viewers in 5:30 PM, with a total number of 1.42 million viewers and rating scores of 4.7 for kids 2-5, 5.0 for boys 2-5 and 4.3 for girls 2-5, making it the #1 series broadcast in the half hour to appeal to the core demographics. The series also ranked at the number 1 spot in the Watch Disney Junior App in November, with a total of 23 million video views in its launch.[11]


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