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Shia Islam in Kuwait constitutes 30%-40%[1] of Kuwait's citizen population.

In 2001, the US Department of State reported that there were 300,000 Shia Kuwaiti citizens and 820,000 Kuwaiti citizens in total thus Shias formed 36.5% of the Kuwaiti citizen population.[2] In 2002, the US Department of State reported that Shia Kuwaitis formed 30-40% of Kuwait's citizen population,[3] noting there were 525,000 Sunni citizens and 855,000 Kuwaiti citizens in total (61% Sunnis, 39% Shias).[3] In 2004, there were 300,000-350,000 Shia Kuwaiti citizens and 913,000 Kuwaiti citizens in total.[4] In 2008, the Strategic Studies Institute reported that 40% of Kuwaitis were Shias.[1]

Shiites are usually under-represented in the National Assembly parliaments although hold a few positions in the government.[5]

They founded the local armed resistance movement during the occupation of Kuwait in the Gulf War.[6][7] The Kuwaiti resistance's casualty rate far exceeded that of the coalition military forces and Western hostages.[8] The resistance predominantly consisted of ordinary citizens who lacked any form of training and supervision.[8]

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