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Shi Chonggui
Emperor of (Later) Jin
Reign July 28, 942[1][2]-January 11, 947[2][3][4]
Predecessor Shi Jingtang
Successor as Emperor of Later Jin None (dynasty destroyed)
Successor as emperor of central China Emperor Taizong of Liao
Spouse Wives:
Lady Zhang
Empress Feng (m. 942)
Major concubines:
Consort Zhao
Consort Nie
Shi Yanxu (石延煦), adoptive son
Shi Yanbao (石延寶), adoptive son
Full name
Shi Chonggui (石重貴)
Posthumous name
Temple name
Father Shi Jingru (石敬儒) (biological father)
Shi Jingtang (adoptive father, biological uncle)
Mother Lady An (biological mother)
Empress Li (adoptive mother, aunt by marriage)
Born (0914-07-22)July 22, 914[2][5]
Died 10 July 0974(0974-07-10) (aged 59)[2][6]

Shi Chonggui (Chinese: 石重貴) (914-974), known in traditional Chinese historical sources as Emperor Chu of Later Jin (後晉出帝, "the exiled emperor") or Emperor Shao of Later Jin (後晉少帝, "the young emperor"), posthumously known in Liao as the Prince of Jin (晉王), was the second and last emperor of the Chinese Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period state Later Jin.

The Later Jin had often been criticized for being a puppet of the emerging Khitan state Liao. The help of their powerful northern neighbors was vital in the formation of the Later Jin, and the cession of the Sixteen Prefectures led to their derision as being the servants of the Khitan. However, after the death of his biological uncle/adoptive father Shi Jingtang (Later Jin's founding emperor) in 942, Shi Chonggui defied Liao's Emperor Taizong, which led to the latter invading the territory of the Later Jin in 946 and 947, resulting in the destruction of the Later Jin.


During Shi Jingtang's reign[edit]


After surrender to Liao[edit]

Shi Chonggui
House of Shi (936–947)
Born: 914 Died: 974
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Shi Jingtang (Emperor Gaozu)
Emperor of Later Jin
Succeeded by
None (dynasty destroyed)
Emperor of China (Central)
Succeeded by
Emperor Taizong of Liao
Emperor of China (Tianshui region)
Succeeded by
Meng Chang of Later Shu

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