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Shibi offering his own flesh to an eagle to protect a pigeon

Shibi Chakravarti was a famous king in Hindu mythology and the Jataka tales of Buddhism, notably in the Shibi Jataka. Shibi Chakravarti was the son of Usinara, a famous king of the Lunar dynasty. He was renowned for his liberal beliefs and selflessness and is said to have saved Agni (transformed into a dove) from Indra (transformed into a hawk) by offering up his own flesh.[1]

Shibi's lineage is traced from Vishnu.[2]

Shibi Chakravarti is listed among other legendary kings in the lineage claimed by the later Chola dynasty. The Cholas claimed to have descended from the Sun. The Tamil name for Shibi is Cempiyan and Chola rulers took this as one of their titles.

There are also a number of temples in Tamil Nadu with legends claiming King Shibi to have worshipped in them. Shibi is considered the King of a country called Ushinara.

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