Shibuya Mark City

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East Building

Shibuya Mark City (渋谷マークシティ Shibuya Māku Shitī?) is a facility located in Shibuya, Tokyo, owned by Shibuya Mark City company. There are two buildings, "East" (Hotel side) and "West" (Office side). It was built and opened on April 7, 2000, targeting mainly women, collaborating with Keio Corporation.



  • Floors: B2F-25F
  • Height: 99.67 m
  • Land area: 5,499.19 m2
  • Building area: 5,416.83 m2
  • Total area of all floors: 45,926.38 m2


  • Floors: B1F-23F
  • Height: 95.55 m
  • Land area: 8,921.18 m2
  • Building area: 7,839.25 m
  • Total area of all floors: 93,594.11 m2


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