Shilin Night Market

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Shilin Night Market
Shilin night market alley 2.jpg
Shilin Night Market is a popular destination after dark
Chinese 士林夜市
Interior of the Shilin Night Market food court
Inside the food court, many hawkers sell food from their stalls
Besides food, many vendors sell clothes, jewellery, and other goods

Shilin Night Market (Chinese: 士林夜市; pinyin: Shìlín Yèshì) is a night market in the Shilin District of Taipei, Taiwan, and is often considered to be the largest and most famous night market in the city.


The night market encompasses two distinct sections sharing a symbiotic relationship: a section formerly housed in the old Shilin Market building, containing mostly food vendors and small restaurants; and the surrounding businesses and shops selling other nonfood items. The food court holds 539 stalls, and the second floor serves as a parking lot for 400 cars.[1]

In addition to the food court, side streets and alleys are lined with storefronts and roadside stands. Cinemas, video arcades, and karaoke bars are also prevalent in the area. Like most night markets in Taiwan, the local businesses and vendors begin opening around 16:00. As students begin returning home from school, crowds reach their peak between 20:00 and 23:00. Businesses continue operating well past midnight and close around 01:00 or 02:00.

Tourist traffic has increased in recent years due to the opening of the Taipei Metro system. The night market is closest to Jiantan Station on the Tamsui Line (Red Line) as it's known by locals. From the platform of Jiantan Station, riders can see the enclosed food court located across the street from the MRT station.

Historical development[edit]

The night market is located near the former location of a wharf on the Keelung River (Traditional Chinese: 基隆; Hànyǔ Pīnyīn: Jīlóng). Agricultural produce from farms in Shilin being shipped to other ports such as Banka and Dadaocheng would typically be sold in this area. The daytime Shilin Market was formally established in this area in 1909, and the market was inaugurated in 1913.[2] With the influx of customers, many new businesses and food vendors began to establish themselves in the area and the Shilin Night Market was born.

Shilin Night Market has since become the largest and most well-known night market in Taiwan, especially with regards to food, and is a favorite focal point for Taipei's night life among residents and visitors alike.

Due to safety, sanitation and fire hazard concerns, the old Shilin Market structure was demolished in October 2002 by the Taipei City Government; the food vendors formerly based within the old structure were relocated to a newer temporary structure a few hundred meters away, next to the metro Jiantan Station.[3] Plans for the renovated site began in 1999 work began in 2006 after the relocation of the vendors to the temporary site.[2] The renovated site is expected to re-open on 25 December 2011..

Getting to Shilin Night Market[edit]

There are several ways to get to Shilin Night Market. You can take the Taipei Metro Line 2 (AKA the "Red Line") to Jiantan Station, or take bus routes 216, 217, 218, 203, 224, 266, 269, 277, 280, 308, or 310 to the Jiantan MRT Station, Ming Chuan University, or Xiao Bei (Hsiao Pei) Street.

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