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The following Confederate States Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Shiloh of the American Civil War. The Union order of battle is shown separately. Order of battle compiled from the army organization during the battle.[1]

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


Army of the Mississippi[edit]

Gen Albert S. Johnston (k)
Gen Pierre G. T. Beauregard

First Army Corps[edit]

MG Leonidas Polk

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Charles Clark (w)
     BG Alexander P. Stewart

1st Brigade

   Col Robert. M. Russell

  • 11th Louisiana: Col Samuel F. Marks (w), Ltc Robert H. Barrow
  • 12th Tennessee: Ltc Tyree H. Bell, Maj Robert P. Caldwell
  • 13th Tennessee: Col Alfred J. Vaughan, jr.
  • 22nd Tennessee: Col Thomas J. Freeman (w), Ltc Francis M. Stewart (w), Maj Lipscomb P. McMurry
  • Tennessee Battery: Cpt Smith P. Bankhead
2nd Brigade

   BG Alexander P. Stewart

  • 13th Arkansas: Col James C. Tappan, Ltc A. D. Grayson (k), Maj James A. McNeely (w)
  • 4th Tennessee: Col Rufus P. Neely, Ltc Otho F. Strahl
  • 5th Tennessee: Ltc Calvin D. Venable
  • 33rd Tennessee: Col Alexander W. Campbell
  • Mississippi Battery: Cpt Thomas J. Stanford

Second Division
     BG Benjamin F. Cheatham (w)

1st Brigade

   BG Bushrod R. Johnson (w)
   Col Preston Smith (w)

  • Blythe's Mississippi: Col A. K. Blythe (k), Ltc David L. Herron (k), Maj James Moore
  • 2nd [Walker's] Tennessee: Col J. Knox Walker
  • 15th Tennessee: Ltc Robert C. Tyler (w), Maj John F. Hearn
  • 154th Tennessee (senior): Col Preston Smith, Ltc Marcus J. Wright
  • Tennessee battery: Cpt Marshall T. Polk (w)
2nd Brigade

   Col William H. Stephens
   Col George Maney

  • 7th Kentucky: Col Charles Wickliffe (mw), Ltc William D. Lannom
  • 1st Tennessee (battalion): Col George Maney, Maj Hume R. Field
  • 6th Tennessee: Ltc Timothy P. Jones
  • 9th Tennessee: Col Henry L. Douglass
  • Mississippi Battery: Cpt Melancthon Smith
  • 1st Mississippi: Col Andrew J. Lindsay
  • Mississippi and Alabama Battalion: Ltc Richard H. Brewer
  • 47th Tennessee: Col Munson R. Hill[2]

Second Army Corps[edit]

MG Braxton Bragg


  • Alabama Cavalry: Cpt Robert W. Smith
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Daniel Ruggles

1st Brigade

   Col Randall L. Gibson

  • 1st Arkansas: Col James F. Fagan
  • 4th Louisiana: Col Henry W. Allen (w), Ltc Samuel E. Hunter
  • 13th Louisiana: Maj Anatole P. Avegno (mw), Cpt Stephen O'Leary (w), Cpt Edgar M. Dubroca
  • 19th Louisiana: Col Benjamin L. Hodge, Ltc James M. Hollingsworth
2nd Brigade

   BG Patton Anderson

  • 1st Florida Battalion: Maj Thaddens A. McDonell (w), Cpt W. G. Poole, Cpt W. Capers Bird
  • 17th Louisiana: Ltc Charles Jones (w)
  • 20th Louisiana: Col August Reichard
  • 9th Texas: Col Wright A. Stanley
  • Confederate Guards Response Battalion: Maj Franklin H. Clack
  • Washington Louisiana Artillery, 5th Company: Cpt W. Irwin Hodgson
3rd Brigade

   Col Preston Pond, Jr.

  • 16th Louisiana: Maj Daniel Gober
  • 18th Louisiana: Col Alfred Mouton (w), Ltc Alfred Roman
  • Crescent (Louisiana) Regiment: Col Marshall J. Smith
  • Orleans Guard Battalion: Maj Leon Querouze (w)
  • 38th Tennessee: Col Robert F. Looney
  • Alabama Battery: Cpt William H. Ketchum
  • Alabama Battalion: Cpt Thomas F. Jenkins

Second Division
     BG Jones M. Withers

1st Brigade

   BG Adley H. Gladden (mw)
   Col Daniel W. Adams (w)
   Col Zach C. Deas (w)

  • 21st Alabama: Ltc Stewart W. Cayce, Maj Frederik Stewart
  • 22nd Alabama: Col Zach C. Deas, Ltc John C. Marrast
  • 25th Alabama: Col John Q. Loomis (w), Maj George D. Johnston
  • 26th Alabama: Col John G. Coltart (w), Ltc William D. Chadick
  • 1st Louisiana: Col Daniel W. Adams, Maj Frederick H. Farrar, Jr.
  • Alabama Battery: Cpt Felix H. Robertson
2nd Brigade

   BG James R. Chalmers

  • 5th Mississippi: Col Albert E. Fant
  • 7th Mississippi: Ltc Hamilton Mayson
  • 9th Mississippi: Ltc William A. Rankin (mw), Maj F. Eugene Whitfield
  • 10th Mississippi: Col Robert A. Smith
  • 52nd Tennessee: Col Benjamin J. Lea
  • Alabama Battery: Cpt Charles P. Gage
3rd Brigade

   BG John K. Jackson

  • 17th Alabama: Ltc Robert C. Fariss
  • 18th Alabama: Col Eli S. Shorter
  • 19th Alabama: Col Joseph Wheeler
  • 2nd Texas: Col John C. Moore, Ltc William P. Rogers, Maj Hall G. Runnels
  • Georgia Battery: Cpt Isadore P. Girardey

Third Army Corps[edit]

MG William J. Hardee (w)

Brigades Regiments and batteries
1st Brigade

   BG Thomas C. Hindman[3]
   Col R. G. Shaver

2nd Brigade

   BG Patrick Cleburne

3rd Brigade

   BG Sterling A. M. Wood (w)
   Col William K. Patterson[4]

  • 16th Alabama: Ltc John W. Harris
  • 8th Arkansas: Col William K. Patterson
  • 9th Arkansas Infantry Battalion: Maj John H. Kelly
  • 3rd Mississippi Battalion: Maj Aaron B. Hardcastle
  • 27th Tennessee: Col Christopher H. Williams (k), Ltc Blackburn H. Brown (w), Maj Samuel T. Love (mw)
  • 44th Tennessee: Col Coleman A. McDaniel
  • 55th Tennessee: Col James L. McKoin
  • Mississippi Battery: Cpt William L. Harper (w), Lt Putnam Darden
  • Georgia Dragoons (company): Cpt Isaac W. Avery

Reserve Corps[edit]

BG John C. Breckinridge

Brigades Regiments and batteries
1st Brigade

   Col Robert P. Trabue

2nd Brigade

   BG John S. Bowen (w)
   Col John D. Martin

  • 9th Arkansas: Col Isaac L. Dunlop
  • 10th Arkansas: Col Thomas D. Merrick
  • 2nd Confederate: Col John D. Martin, Maj Thomas H. Mangum
  • 1st Missouri: Col Lucius L. Rich (mw)
  • Mississippi Battery: Cpt Alfred Hudson
3rd Brigade

   Col Winfield S. Statham

  • 15th Mississippi: Maj William F. Brantley (w), Cpt Lamkin S. Terry
  • 22nd Mississippi: Col Frank Schaller (w), Ltc Charles S. Nelms (mw), Maj James S. Prestidge
  • 19th Tennessee: Col David H. Cummings
  • 20th Tennessee: Col Joel A. Battle (c), Ltc Moscow B. Carter
  • 28th Tennessee: Col John P. Murray
  • 45th Tennessee: Ltc Ephraim F. Lytle
  • Tennessee Battery: Cpt Arthur M. Rutledge


Brigades Regiments and batteries


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  3. ^ Commanded his own and the Third Brigade
  4. ^ Temporarily