Shimmy Rivers and and Canal

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Shimmy Rivers and and Canal
Genres Garret Rusk, Post-Punk, Art Rock
Years active 2003–2009
Labels Siltbreeze
Associated acts Scout Niblett, Screaming Tea Party, Capitol K, Serafina Steer, Jabs Extrema, Chubby Nest
Website Official website
Past members Bem Polhill, Jomes Ferris, Mu, Jabs Extrema, Cousin Roderick, Ed Lucas, Andrew Curtis, Matt Coombes, Julian Woodward, Chris Irish, Riki Diamond, Pammy Jazz, Scout Niblett, Valentine Fillol-Cordier

Shimmy Rivers and and Canal was a UK beat combo that was formed in Dalston, London in 2003.

In 2005 Resonance FM released a collection of demo recordings.[1] The same year, the band played at Resonance FM's 3rd Anniversary event at the Conway Hall, and in 2006–2007 hosted the station's 'Daddy Said So Land' radio show,[2] with live sessions, and interviews with Alexa Chung, Let's Wrestle and Sonny Tufts.[clarification needed]

Shimmy Rivers and and Canal disbanded in February 2009, playing a final gig at Barden's Boudoir on February 27.[3] The band released a 7" record on the Siltbreeze record label in January 2009.[4] Their debut album, Forks, recorded and mixed by Capitol K, was released in 2009.[5]

Members of the band included Scout Niblett, and Koichi and Niiyan from Screaming Tea Party.[6]


  • Forks, 2009,
  • The Endless Discourse, 2005, Resonance FM
  • Picnic At Angst Rock, 2009, Siltbreeze
Split Release
  • Dapp In Ze Romb, Split cassette with Blanket, 2006, Undereducated
  • The Winking Cowboy, 2005 from The Stolen Recordings Compilation
  • Wird, 2006 from Utrophia 03 Compilation
  • Fear Of Smell, 2006 from the Caff/Flick Compilation


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