Simeon ben Gamliel

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For the grandson of Simeon ben Gamliel (I), see Shimon ben Gamliel (II).

Simeon ben Gamliel (I) (Hebrew: שמעון בן גמליאל‎ or רשב"ג הראשון, c. 10 BCE - 70 CE) was a Tanna sage and leader of the Jewish people. He succeeded his father Gamliel I as the nasi of the Sanhedrin after his father's death in 50 CE and just before the destruction of the Second Temple. The traditional view[citation needed] is that he was killed by the Romans as one of the Ten Jewish Martyrs.[citation needed] during the First Jewish-Roman War.

He was a direct descendant of King David and the great-grandson of Hillel the Elder.[citation needed]

His tomb, located in Kafr Kanna near the Golani Interchange in the lower Galilee of northern Israel, has remained an important site for Jewish pilgrims for almost 2,000 years.[citation needed]

Preceded by
Gamliel I
50 - 70
Succeeded by
Johanan ben Zakkai