Shin-Toyohashi Station

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Shin-Toyohashi Station
Shintoyohashi Station 110722.jpg
Shin-Toyohashi Station
Prefecture Aichi
(See other stations in Aichi)
City Toyohashi
Neighborhood etc. Hanada-cho
Postal code 440 - 0075
(in Japanese) 愛知県豊橋市花田町西宿
Opened 1924Shin Toyohashi Station 01
Rail services
Station number(s) 1
Operator(s) Toyohashi Railroad
Line(s) Atsumi Line
Statistics 9354 passengers/day 2004

Shin-Toyohashi Station (新豊橋駅 Shin-Toyohashi-eki?) is a railway station in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It is the terminus of the Toyohashi Railway’s Atsumi Line. The station is physically adjacent to Toyohashi Station.

Station History[edit]

Shin-Toyohashi Station was established by the privately held Atsumi Railroad on October 1, 1927. Previously, the terminal of the Atsumi Railroad was 200 meters further north at Hanada Station (花田駅 Hanada Station?). On September 1, 1940, the Atsumi Railway became part of the Nagoya Railway system, and was spun out again as the Toyohashi Railway on October 1, 1954. In 2008, the station was expanded, with its side platform changed to an island platform, and the station building replaced by an elevated three-story station building.

Old Shin-Toyohashi Station



Shin-Toyohashi Station has a single island platform. As the terminal station for the Atsumi Line, all trains dead-head at Shin-Toyohashi Station.

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Toyohashi Railroad
Toyohashi Railroad Atsumi Line
Terminus - Yagyu-bashi

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Coordinates: 34°45′44″N 137°22′58.6″E / 34.76222°N 137.382944°E / 34.76222; 137.382944