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This is a Korean name; the family name is Shin.
Shin Dongho
Shin Dongho (U-KISS) from acrofan.jpg
Background information
Born (1994-06-29) June 29, 1994 (age 20)
Genres Pop, R&B, dance
Occupation(s) Singer, Dancer, Rapper
Years active 2008–2013
Labels NH Media (2008-2014)
Associated acts U-KISS
Shin Dongho
Hangul 신동호
Revised Romanization Shin Dongho
McCune–Reischauer Shin Dongho

Shin Dongho (born June 29, 1994) is a former South Korean singer and actor. He is best known as being a former member of South Korean boy group U-KISS.

Dongho can communicate in Mandarin because he studied in Beijing, China.

He studied middle school in Seoul Yonggang Middle School and has graduated from Hanrim Entertainment Arts School, although he was unable to attend his graduation due to conflicting schedules.[1]

Dongho was the most active member of the group having participated in the most number of projects compared to the other six members. He had appeared on reality shows such as Raising Idol, Idol Maknae Rebellion, and Sonyeon Sonyeo Gayo Baekseo. Dongho also appeared on SBS' Strong Heart, Love Chaser, MBC's Star Do Do Chores, SBS' Quiz Sixth Sense, KBS' Star Golden Bell, Quiz to Change the World and movies such as My Black Mini Dress, Villain and Widow, and Mr. Idol.[2][3][4]  He also dubbed the voice of the lead character for an animated movie, Hong Gil Dong 2084.[5]

Life and career[edit]


Dongho is oriented to the world of show business, since his father owns a magazine company. He became a trainee for NH Media and was chosen as one of the potential members for an upcoming boyband.

2008-2010: Debut and Road to Stardom[edit]

Dongho is one of the members of a Korean boyband, probably the third member to join U-KISS in 2008. He was known to have a corn row hairstyle in their first music video, Not Young. Dongho is notable as the most active member of the group having participated in the most number of projects comparing to the six other members. He had TV appearances on reality shows such as Idol Maknae Rebellion, Raising Idol, and Sonyeon Sonyeo Gayo Baekseo. Dongho even gained much popularity on his TV guestings on SBS' Strong Heart, Love Chaser, MBC's Star Do Do Chores, SBS' Quiz Sixth Sense, KBS' Star Golden Bell, and Quiz to Change the World.

Aside from solo projects, Dongho also participated in their reality show as a group. Among these are UKISS Vampire, You Know U-KISS and Chef Kiss. As a member, he had released 5 mini albums to date entitled N-Generation, Bring It Back 2 Old School, ContiUkiss, BREAK TIME, and Bran New Kiss and 3 full album entitled, Only One, Neverland and COLLAGE.[6][7]

He was also one of the casts for many films such as My Black Mini Dress where Dongho's scene with Yoo In Na caught a lot of attention.[2]  U-KISS received good reviews by appearing on a preview event of the movie My Black Mini Dress, which Dongho acted in. In Idol Maknae Rebellion, Jung Jun Ha challenged the maknaes to a challenge, Jja Jjang Myun (noodles with a black bean sauce) Eating Contest. Dongho, downed the whole bowl in only 59 seconds, which then featured on an article, U-KISS Dongho can take on any food challenge.[8]  In his appearance in SBS's Strong Heart on April 12, Dongho admitted that he ran away from home during his childhood life.[9] During that tumultuous time in his life, Dongho revealed that he had packed everything into his bag and left home.[9]  Despite his young age, Dongho explained that he even withdrew everything he had in his bank account.[9]

2011-2013: TV shows, movies and departure from U-KISS[edit]

He starred in his first acting role, Villain and Widow where he played a good-looking middle school student.[3]  Dongho also starred in the MBC full-length drama, Royal Family.[10]  Due to his busy schedule as a U-KISS member, Dongho turned down five leading roles for movies and stated that he lacked many aspects of a leading actor. Dongho emphasized that he wanted to learn first in his smaller roles before accepting a major role as an actor.[11]

Aside from his career as an entertainer, Dongho is also a member of a Baseball team. In one episode of SBS's Invincible Team, he revealed that he wanted to build a baseball park for Korean baseball fans.[12]  On February 28, U-KISS began filming a movie with Jay Park, Kim Soo Ro and Korean actress Park Ye Jin with a working title, Mr. Idol. This was the group's first movie.[4]  On the June edition of the magazine Cosmopolitan Korea, Dongho along with co-member Kim Eli, including actress Seo Hyo Rim were featured to show off summer outfits.[13]  Dongho wears the most popular sunglasses during summer time, which are called the aviators.[13]  The aviators go well with his outfit like grey jacket, royal blue shirt and his flower boy hairstyle.[13]

Dongho also starred in a 3D animation movie titled Hong Gil Dong 2084 as the voice of the lead character, Hong Gil Dong which had its premiere on August 18.[5][14]  The production company stated "Dongho has a cute face with versatile talents[...] thus having a fanbase that consists of both younger and older generations[...] bold personality especially resembles the animation's character, Hong Gil Dong".[15]  It took three years to accomplish 'Hong Gil Dong 2084' which costs reaching 36 billion won.[16][17] Shin, along with co-U-KISS member, Hoon has been casts as one of the lead role for a TV-movie series, Holy Land. This will be Dongho's fourth acting career and is expected to be shown on-air on April.[18][19] Holy Land is about a high school student who does not fit in at school or at home and spends endless nights rebelling against society in the streets, picks up boxing and begins to learn his worth, picking up love and friendship along the way.[18][19]

He took up a lead role for an upcoming movie Don’t Cry Mommy, and is expected to premiere soon in Japan.[20] On October 15, 2012 during the press conference of the movie Kim YongHan, the director praises Dongho's acting ability. He stated, "...I didn’t expect to receive such a big response to Dongho’s character, a minor sexual predator". In the film, Dongho plays an over-confident high school student, who performs the crime of sexual assault on a female student, Eunha (played by Nam Bora) and does not feel the consequences of his actions.[21] The director further stated, "...he truly acts very well. If another idol had tried, they wouldn’t have been able to as there is a lot of depth in the confidence of the character to make such bold decisions[...]he acts extremely well".[22]

On October 16, 2013, NH media released an official statement regrading the departure of Dongho from U-KISS stating, "Dongho will be absent from team promotions starting with U-KISS' new album which will be released this month, and he will be putting a hold on his activities as a celebrity. Dongho's determination about being active as a celebrity weakened, and he has revealed that he doesn't believe his health condition and stamina fit well with the life of a singer... After a long discussion with his parents, we have decided to accept their decision... Dongho expressed that he wanted to live a normal life rather than that of a celebrity." Dongho will not be promoting with U-KISS during their new album release this month.[23]

Mini album and album release[edit]

Main article: U-KISS

As a member of Korean boyband, U-KISS. The group launched their first mini album, N-Generation with their hit single Not Young in August 2008.[24] Their second mini album, Bring It Back 2 Old School was released on the February 11, 2009 with their carrier single, I Like You. It features the members sporting Old School hairstyles, dancing to Korean pop in the late 1990s, which was really the concept of the second mini album.[25] The second promoted track is Talk To Me, although it had no links to the Old School concept.

On November 5, 2009, U-KISS returned with their third mini album, ContiUkiss. The title track Man Man Ha Ni (Am I That Easy?) helped raise their popularity in South Korea.[26]

Their first full length album, Only One, was released on February 2010. This heightened their popularity outside Korea such as Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Promotional tracks include Bingeul Bingeul (Round and Round), and Mworago (What).[27]

On October 4, 2010, the fourth mini album Break Time further support their manly image.[28] It features the title track, Shut Up!.[29] The group also released their fifth mini album entitled Bran New Kiss in March 30, 2011.[30] On the same day, their music video for their carrier single, 0330 was released and gained positive reviews.[31] It is the first album of the group with the new members, AJ and Hoon replacing Alexander and Kibum.

On November 21, the maknae of the group, Dongho wrapped up a day of shooting on set when he felt sudden pain around his lower back area.[32] After going to the hospital, he discovered that he had cracked his tailbone.[32] The injury was treated, but he’s still feeling pain and was told he needed sufficient time to rest and recover.[32] The incident brought a wave of concern for the group’s promotions schedule, as they’re currently slated to make their Japanese debut.[32] On November 24, NH Media stated, “We are working hard to make sure that the injury will not affect U-KISS’s Japanese promotions.” At this time, Dongho is said to be having difficulty performing the intense choreography set for their upcoming debut.[32]

U-KISS went back in Korea on September with the release of their second full album, Neverland spawning the single, Neverland.[7] On 2011, U-KISS formally signed under Avex Japan for their Japanese debut. They recently made their formal debut into Japan, on December 14, 2011, with the release of their single Tick Tack.[33][34] The second single is entitled Forbidden Love.[35][36] They released their first Japanese full-length album dubbed as A Shared Dream on February 29, 2012.[36]


In mid-October 2012, he was sent to an emergency room at a hospital due to lung issues.

Agency NH Media stated:

On the way to a scheduled event, Dongho experienced pains so he was taken to the emergency room. After tests, they found that he’s suffering from pleurisy (inflammation of the lining of the lungs and chest that leads to chest pain, usually sharp, when you breath or cough).

Dongho is currently acting as the spokesperson for the movie Don't Cry Mommy and is promoting U-KISS’ 7th album Stop Girl. Without Dongho, the rest of UKISS' members are continuing with their scheduled plans. Although Dongho's schedule and work is important, Dongho’s health comes first. We’ll be watching his progress after he receives treatment at the hospital and we will figure out whether or not he needs surgery.

—Osen &[citation needed]



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