Shinainuma Station

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Shinainuma Station

Shinainuma Station (品井沼駅 Shinainuma-eki?) is a railway station located on the JR Tōhoku Main Line in Matsushima, Miyagi.


Shinainuma Station

Surrounding area[edit]

There is a small business area to the west of the station that has existed for a long time. To the east lie rice paddies, and a forested hill is to the south.

  • Shinainuma Post Office
  • Matsushima Fifth Elementary School


  • December 26, 1932: Station begins operation.
  • November 15, 1944: Sea Line Route opens from Rikuzen-San'nō Station to Shinainuma Station.
  • April 20, 1962: Mountain Line Route between Old Matsushima Station and Shinainuma Station abolished. Track improvements were selected to take place on the Sea Line Route, a less steep route between Iwakiri Station and Shinainuma Station. The northern part of the old route, called the Mountain Line Route was abolished north of Rifu.
  • October, 1984: Station converted to an unmanned 'ghost' station.

Adjacent stations[edit]

Coordinates: 38°25′53″N 141°04′57″E / 38.4314°N 141.0825°E / 38.4314; 141.0825