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Shingle may refer to:

In construction:

Other uses:

  • Herpes zoster ("shingles"), a disease of the nerves
  • Shingling (metallurgy), the process of consolidating iron or steel with a hammer during production
  • Shingle back (Trachydosaurus rugosus), a species of skink found in Australia
  • Shingle beach, especially in Western Europe, a beach composed of pebbles
  • Shingle bob, a short hairstyle for women in the mid-1920s
  • Shingle dancing, a form of solo dancing akin to tap dancing, of African American origin
  • Shingle Springs, California, formerly known as Shingle
  • Shingle style architecture, a plain American house style with little ornamentation
  • w-shingling, in text mining, a contiguous sequence of tokens in a document used to gauge syntactic similarity
  • "Shit on a shingle", slang for chipped beef on toast
  • "Hanging out a shingle", a common phrase in the legal profession meaning to start one's own law firm