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EP by Malice Mizer
Released February 1, 2000
Recorded 1999–2000
Genre Art rock
Length 12:24
Label Midi:Nette
Producer Malice Mizer
Malice Mizer chronology
Bara no Seidou

Shinwa (神話?, "Myth") is an EP released by Malice Mizer on February 1, 2000. It is dedicated to the band's former drummer Kami, who died in 1999. The music for tracks two and three were based on his compositions and arranged by the band.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Music Length
1. "Saikai" (再会; Reunion) Malice Mizer 1:29
2. "Unmei no Deai" (運命の出会い; Meeting with Fate) Kami 5:10
3. "Mori no Naka no Tenshi" (森の中の天使; Angels in the Woods) Kami 5:45


Kami is credited as "Eternal Blood Relative", and would continue to be on all the band's subsequent releases. The cover art is of a Blue Morpho, as Kami was known for his love of butterflies. Also the interior of the booklet features pictures of him from a photoshoot for their single "Le Ciel". It also includes a picture of Mana, Kozi, and Yuki wearing mourning garb, and a poem in French. The album is a box set, with a VHS cassette containing video footage from some of their concerts set to the songs contained on the EP.