Shiplate Slait

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Shiplate Slait
Site of Special Scientific Interest
Shiplate Slait.jpg
Shiplate Slait is located in Somerset
Shiplate Slait
Shown within Somerset
Area of Search Avon
Grid reference ST365567
Coordinates 51°18′21″N 2°54′44″W / 51.30586°N 2.91232°W / 51.30586; -2.91232Coordinates: 51°18′21″N 2°54′44″W / 51.30586°N 2.91232°W / 51.30586; -2.91232
Interest Biological
Area 33.9 hectares (0.339 km2; 0.131 sq mi)
Notification 1987 (1987)
Natural England website

Shiplate Slait (grid reference ST365567) is a 33.9 hectare biological Site of Special Scientific Interest near the village of Loxton, within the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, North Somerset, notified in 1987.

The site is underlain by Clifton Down Limestone, Burrington Oolite, Black Rock Dolomite and Black Rock Limestone of the Carboniferous Limestone Series. There is Dolomitic Conglomerate (Triassic Mudstone) at the lower edges of the site. The site has unimproved calcicolous grassland, some of which is mixed with dwarf-shrub, mosaics of calcicolous grassland and scrub and woodland. Four nationally rare types of vegetation form most of the grassland. Rare species include Koeleria vallesiana (Somerset hair-grass), Carex humilis (dwarf sedge) and Potentilla tabernaemontani (spring cinquefoil).[1]