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Shirō Kishibe (岸部 四郎 Kishibe Shirō?, born 7 June 1949) is a Japanese actor from Kyoto.

He played the role of Sandy in Monkey. Before becoming an actor, Kishibe was a guitarist and vocalist of a Japanese band called The Tigers. He has an elder brother, Ittoku Kishibe, who is also an actor, and a leader and bassist in The Tigers.

In December 2013 he reunited with The Tigers, being wheeled in in a wheelchair by Hitomi Minoru and singing The Beatles song "Yesterday", accompanied by Katsumi Kahashi playing guitar and brother Ittoku Kishibe playing bass. This marked the first time all six Tigers members were onstage together. (Hitomi Minoru did not participate in their 1980s reunion.)[1][not in citation given]


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