Shirvan State Reserve

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Shirvan State Reserve was established on the area of 177.45 km² of a part of Bendovan State Game reserve in 1969 for the purpose of protecting and increasing the number of water birds. The area of the reserve was expanded to 258 km² in 1982. Water reserves account for 35 km² of the area. [1]

The reserves is characterized by rich ornithological fauna. Rare and valuable birds nest and winter in the swampy areas. The largest part of the reserve was transferred to the Shirvan National Park in 2003 and the area of the reserve currently totals 62.32 km². [2]

Shirvan State Reserve composed 62.32 km²

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Coordinates: 39°36′02″N 49°07′38″E / 39.60056°N 49.12722°E / 39.60056; 49.12722