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Shitmat hokaben.jpg
Background information
Birth name Henry Collings
Occupation(s) musician
Associated acts Kyler, Slash's wormhole

Shitmat was the performing name of Henry Collings, an experimental sound artist from Bristol, England.[1][2]


The Shitmat sound is a combination of splintered jungle, rave, old school, gabber and plunderphonic mashups. Sometimes referred to as "Mashcore", his music is known for the humorous use of samples atypical of "serious" electronic artists and deliberate use of clichés.

Since 2004 Shitmat has released 8 EPs and 6 studio albums shared between Planet Mu and Wrong Music. His 2nd album ‘Full English Breakfest’ captured the imagination and mood of the then emerging breakcore/mashup scene, mixing up jungle blast beats, gabber influences and Ragga Vocals. "Agricultural Ardcore" from Full English Breakfest Vol.5 is based around the theme tune to the UK radio soap opera The Archers. The KillaBabylonKutz EP is an album playing on clichés within the ragga-jungle scene, in which every single track is based on the same ragga sample.

The Lesser Spotted Burberry EP is a tongue-in-cheek play on the UK's Chav subculture and makes references to brands such as Burberry and Argos that are often associated with it. During live performances, Shitmat himself often performs wearing a Burberry Baseball Cap, further reinforcing the parody. Like other similar Breakcore acts, Shitmat is something of a crossover artist with people who are not normally associated with breakcore and other genres of electronic music.

Shitmat has played at a number of festivals, including SuperSonic Festival in 2006,[3] London's Hokaben festival in 2008[4] and both Glade festival,[5] All Tomorrow's Parties in 2010 when Godspeed You! Black Emperor curated,[6] Glastonbury festival in 2009[7] and Dour festival in 2011.[8]

Renowned DJ John Peel championed Shitmat during the later part of his life and had him feature on the show regularly.[9]

On November 19, 2012 Shitmat completed his Web-based Mash Hits project in which he remixed every UK number one single since 1952. Creating 293 new tracks from over 1200 number one singles[10]

On December 21st 2012 he announced he was to kill off his ‘Shitmat’ moniker, stating "It’s basically time for me to move on, progress, evolve and let the other music I make take the front seat. I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with humour and heavy music but for me, I’d like to launch and explore some of my other projects and ideas". On the same day he released a new album under the name Tafkas on Love Love records. [11]

Similar artists[edit]


  • Shopliftin' Gabba/Witness (2003)
  • Cyber Castle of the Virgin Zombie Time Barbarians IIV (2004)
  • Killababylonkutz (2004) on Planet Mu
  • The Mashcore Malisha E.P. (2004)
  • Vengeance Of The Whitehawk Townies (2004)
  • Full English Breakfest (2004) on Planet Mu
  • The Lesser Spotted Burberry E.P. (2005)
  • Monsters of Mashup (2005)
  • Gary's Gruesome Garage (2006)
  • Pur Cosy Tales (Released under the name of Kyler) (2006)
  • Shitmat Presents … The Rolf Harris Mashup CD (2006)
  • Hang the DJ (2006) on Wrong Music
  • The Subliminal Pograddy Disection (2006, internet-only release on Wrong Music)
  • Grooverider (2007) on Planet Mu
  • One Foot In The Rave (2009)
  • Full of Shit (Volume Bum) (2010) on Wrong Music
  • Global Hypercolour EP (2012) on Bandcamp


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