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Shiva is a major Hindu god.

Shiva may refer to:


  • Shivā (ending with long 'a'), another name of Parvati, Shiva's consort
  • Shiva (Judaism), the Jewish ritual of mourning for seven ("shiva") days after the burial of an immediate relative
  • The supreme soul of Brahma Kumaris religion


  • Shiva laser, built at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the late 1970s
  • Shiva Star, a high-powered plasma weapon research project
  • Shiva crater, an apparent impact crater in the Indian Ocean, possibly associated with the Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction event; unrelated to the
  • Shiva Hypothesis, scientific theory concerning impact events
  • Shiva, a strain of Cannabis sativa subsp. indica







  • A fictitious strain of Ebola virus from the novel Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy
  • Shiva (Marvel Comics), a computer program that spawns robots to destroy Weapon X experiment subjects
  • Lady Shiva, a DC Comics character
  • Kaiyanwang, a.k.a. Shiva, a fictional character from 3×3 Eyes


  • A song by The Antlers from their concept album Hospice.
  • Guitar amplifier model currently in production by Bogner Amplification.

Television and video[edit]

Video games[edit]

  • Shiva, a summonable ice elemental in the Final Fantasy franchise
  • Sheeva, Mortal Kombat character
  • A character in the Streets of Rage video game series
  • Shiva, a major boss in the D&D 3.5 server Bonds of Blood of Neverwinter Nights.
  • Shiva's Guard, a powerful artifact in the Warcraft III game Defense of the Ancients
  • Shivans are the main antagonistic race in the Freespace series

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