Shixing language

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Native to China
Native speakers
1,800  (2000)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 sxg
Glottolog shix1238[2]

Shixing is a poorly attested Qiangic (Tibeto-Burman) language of Sichuan and Tibet. Two thirds of speakers are monolingual.

Shixing is also known as Xùmǐ 旭米, and is spoken by about 1,800 people living by the Shuiluo 水洛 river in Shuiluo Township 水洛乡, Muli County, Sichuan, China.[3]

Katia Chirkova reports two Xumi varieties.[3]

  • Lower Xumi (autonym: ʃʉhẽ)
  • Upper Xumi (autonym: ʂuhĩ)


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