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Developer(s) Ozren Sirola
Initial release April 2004
Stable release Build 135 / March 2011; 3 years ago (2011-03)
Written in Microsoft Visual C++
Operating system Windows
Available in English
Type desktop notes, LAN messenger
License ShixxNOTE Shareware

ShixxNOTE is a desktop notes, personal organizer program with instant messenger (LAN messenger) and a communications tool used across a local area network (LAN) for the Internet and e-mail. It is a network enabled desktop sticky notes (post-it) program.


ShixxNOTE is a desktop sticky notes (post-it) program, that allows you to keep desktop sticky notes, and also send them across the local network (or Internet) to friends or colleagues. The program runs in client/server mode and transmits messages or notes to selected ShixxNOTE clients on the network. However, you can also send messages to machines that do not have ShixxNOTE installed, in which case the program will automatically use the standard Windows Messenger service (NET SEND command on Windows 2K/XP or WinPopup on Windows 9X/Me) to deliver the message. Message box with note text and sender name will appear to them on the screen. Program also includes alarm options that allow you to be reminded of selected notes, and support full formatting of font, color and appearance of the notes. Other features include a reply option, emailing of notes, note export, printing and more.

Program takes note-taking to a new level by adding powerful sharing capabilities to the process and allows you to turn sticky notes into an integral part of your collaboration environment. In ShixxNOTE, creating a note is a matter of making a double click on the program icon in the system tray. Once created, a note is displayed on your desktop and can be instantly shared over LAN, the Internet or email with all the interested parties. You can share notes with specific recipients or groups of users, save, print, export and import notes, set alarms and expiration dates, save notes to files and fully customize their appearance to match your desktop theme. Sent messages will be properly displayed on the destination system if ShixxNOTE is also installed on it. Otherwise, the system will use the standard Windows Messenger service to deliver the message. The program fully supports most popular Windows versions, including Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP/2000/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1 and also the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview.

It is multi thread client/server network tool that lets you display notes on your desktop and send them through your local network (LAN), Internet or via email to others. Easy to use personal info management application and powerful communication tool. It makes writing notes to your self or to your colleagues very easy and instant. The sticky notes appear "stuck" on your desktop, and it is pretty hard to forget something that is written on them. It is configurable and stable.

Program history[edit]

  • Version (released April 2002)
  • Version (released August 2003)
  • Version (first released in January 2005 and last released in September 2012)
  • Version (will be released in September 2014)

Known problems[edit]

  • Buffer overflow in ShixxNOTE build 117 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a long font field.[1]
  • Important security bug fixed (buffer overflow in ShixxNOTE build 117) in version of ShixxNOTE build 125 released in December 22, 2006.[2]


  • Upgrade to version ShixxNOTE build 135.

Coverage in mass media[edit]

ShixxNOTE program has received many awards. It has been published and reviewed on best Croatian computer magazines (BUG magazine rated program 10/10). It is listed on almost every shareware download site like (CNET, Softpedia Editor's Review "Communication Has Never Been Easier", Windows 8 Downloads, Yahoo! Downloads, PCWorld, BestVistaDownloads, BestShareware, etc.

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