Shkot Island

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On Shkot Island

Shkot Island (Russian: Остров Шкота lit. Isle of Shkot) is one of five big islands of Eugénie de Montijo Archipelago. It lies due south of Russkiy Island,[1] and falls under Vladivostok administration.

The area of the island is 2.6 km². Its highest point is 146 m above the sea level. The island is uninhabited.

The island was named after Nikolay Shkot, commander of the corvette America, who led a hydrographic expedition to the area in 1863.


  1. ^ Note: The island is shown on Google Maps as a peninsula of Russkiy island, but the satellite image, and the map at the archipelago page, show the island clearly

Coordinates: 42°56′N 131°50′E / 42.933°N 131.833°E / 42.933; 131.833