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Origin New York, New York, United States
Genres Rock, experimental, avant-garde
Years active 1982–1985
Labels Shimmy Disc, Rough Trade, Red, Fundamental Music
Associated acts Bongwater
Past members Eugene Chadbourne
Mark Kramer
David Licht

Shockabilly was a band which included Eugene Chadbourne on guitar/vocals, Mark Kramer on bass/organ, and David Licht on drums.

Shockabilly released a number of albums during their brief existence (1982–1985); most were later re-released. The music itself is mostly avant-garde reworkings of rockabilly and rock 'n' roll standards.


  • The Dawn of Shockabilly EP (Rough Trade 1982) (Shimmy Disc 1988)
  • Earth vs. Shockabilly (Rough Trade 1983) (Shimmy Disc 1988)
  • Greatest Hits EP (Red 1983)
  • Colosseum (Rough Trade 1984)
  • Vietnam (Fundamental Music 1984)
  • Heaven (Fundamental Music 1985)
  • The Ghost of Shockabilly (Shimmy Disc 1989)
  • Vietnam/Heaven (Shimmy Disc 1990)
  • Live ... Just Beautiful (Shimmy Disc 1990)