Sholayar Dam

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Sholayar Dam
Upper Sholayar Dam.jpg
Catchment are of Sholyar Dam
Official name Sholayar Dam
Location Valparai, Tamil Nadu
Opening date 1965
Dam and spillways
Impounds Chalakkudi River
Height 66 metres
Length about 6-7 km
Creates Chalakkudi River
Capacity: 150.20 million cubic metres tmc ft.

It is about 30 km from valparai town. It is one of the longest dam in Asia . The length of the dam measures about 6-7 km.It lies in the border of Tamilnadu and Kerala. This dam is constructed in chalakudy river.The beauty of the Athirappally water falls and sholayar dam can be enjoyed on the way to sholayar. The dam has two reservoirs. One is called Upper Sholayar Dam which can be accessed by tourist and other is deep in the forests, called as the Lower Sholayar Dam. Sholayar is 65 km from Chalakudy town.[1]


Sholayar Dam is built in ss, Sholayar Flanking in 1964 and Sholayar Saddle Dam in 1965. The reservoir has an area of 8.705 square km and the length of the dam is 430.60 metres. The Sholayar Dam has a height of 66 metres and 430 metres width, Sholayar Flanking has a height of 28 metres and 19 metres width and Sholayar Saddle has a height of 259 metres and 109 metres width.


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