Shooting Pains

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"Shooting Pains"
Dad's Army episode
Episode no. Series One
Episode 006
Directed by David Croft [1]
Story by Jimmy Perry and David Croft [1]
Produced by David Croft [1]
Original air date Wednesday 11/9/68 8.20pm[1]
(recorded Monday 20/5/68[1])
Running time 30 minutes
Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Showing Up of Corporal Jones"
Next →
"Operation Kilt"

Shooting Pains is the sixth episode of the first series in the British comedy series Dad's Army which was originally transmitted on Wednesday 11 September 1968.


The platoon is selected to provide the guard of honour for Prime Minister Winston Churchill's visit to Walmington, but a poor show at the shooting range prompts the irascible Major Regan to consider using the Eastgate platoon instead. A shooting contest between Walmington and Eastgate will settle the matter.


The platoon are to form the guard of honour for Winston Churchill's visit to Walmington-on-Sea. But Major Regan decides that since their shooting isn't up to standard, the Eastgate platoon should do it. After an unsuccessful attempt to dress up a female stage-gunner as a private, Frazer reveals that he is a crack shot.


  1. Writer Jimmy Perry had a cameo as the entertainer Charlie Cheeseman.[1]



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