Shoranur Junction railway station

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Shoranur Junction
Indian Railway Station
Shornur junction.jpg
Shornur junction
Station statistics
Address Shoranur, Kerala, India
Coordinates 10°45′32″N 76°16′16″E / 10.759°N 76.271°E / 10.759; 76.271Coordinates: 10°45′32″N 76°16′16″E / 10.759°N 76.271°E / 10.759; 76.271
Line(s) Coimbatore - Shoranur railway line
Shoranur–Cochin Harbour section
Nilambur–Shoranur railway line
Shoranur–Mangalore section
Platforms 7
Other information
Opened 14 April 1862
Electrified Yes
Station code SRR[1]
Owned by Indian Railways
Fare zone Southern Railways

Shoranur Junction is a railway station in Kerala located at Shoranur, Palakkad District, coming under the Palakkad Division of Southern Railway. The station stands at the junction of four railway lines, the Nilambur line from the north, Coimbatore line from the east, Eranakulam line from the south and Mangalore line from the west. It is often referred to as the gateway to Malabar as it is the entry point to the Malabar region from the rest of Kerala.


The history of Shoranur railway station dates back to the 19th century when the railways first made inroads into Malabar. The station became operational with the opening of Pattambi - Podanur line on 14 April 1862. The importance of the station increased with the opening of the Shoranur - Eranakulam line in 1902. The final addition to the railway infrastructure of Shoranur came with the opening of Nilambur road line in 1927.[2]


Taxis are available for hire at the parking area of the railway station. Bus services are available to Ottapalam and Thrissur from the railway station. The Shoranur municipal bus stand which is nearby provide bus services to Pattambi, Cherpulassery, Chelakkara, Mannarkkad, Perinthalmanna and Kunnamkulam. Kulappully busstand, which is the second municipal stand located 2 km from the station, has bus services to Palakkad, Guruvayur, Ponnani and Valanchery.

Express trains from Shoranur[edit]

Venad Express (Shoranur - Trivandrum) Route map
No. Train No: Origin Destination Train Name
1. 16301 Shoranur junction Thiruvananthapuram central Venad Express

Express trains passing through Shoranur[edit]

Shoranur 01012012 136
No. Train No: Origin Destination Train Name
1. 16603 Thiruvananthapuram Central Mangalore Maveli Express
2. 16630 Thiruvananthapuram Central Mangalore Malabar Express
3. 16344 Thiruvananthapuram Central Palakkad Amrita Express
4. 16649 Thiruvananthapuram Central Mangalore Parasuram Express
5. 16308 Kannur Alappuzha Executive Express
6. 16346 Thiruvananthapuram Central Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus Netravathi Express
7. 11097 Pune Ernakulam South Poorna Express
8. 12431 Thiruvananthapuram Central Hazrat Nizamuddin Thiruvananthapuram-Rajdhani Express
9. 12076 Thiruvananthapuram Central Kozhikode Jan Shatabdi Express
10. 11098 Thiruvananthapuram Central Gorakhpur Junction via Chennai Central Raptisagar Express
11. 12654 Mangalore Tiruchirappalli Mangalore Tiruchirappalli Express
12. 16605 Nagercoil Mangalore Ernad Express
13. 12685 Chennai Mangalore Chennai Mangalore express
14. 12978 Ajmer Eranakulam Marusagar Express
15. 16628 Chennai Mangalore Westcoast Express
16. 12617 Ernakulam South Delhi Mangala lakshadweep Express
17. 16326 Thiruvananthapuram Central Indore Junction via Chennai Central Ahilyanagari Express
18. 16328 Thiruvananthapuram Central Korba via Chennai Central Korba Express
19. 12201 Kochuveli Mumbai Kochuveli Mumbai Garib rath Express
20. 18189 Tata Nagar Alappuzha Tatanagar Alleppey Express
21. 13351 Dhanbad Alapuzha Dhanbad Alappuzha Express
22. 12287 Kochuveli Dehradun Kochuveli Dehradun Express
23. 12217 Kochuveli Chandigarh Kerala Sampark Kranti Express
24. 12520 Pune Eranakulam Pune Eranakulam Express
25. 22609 Coimbatore Mangalore Coimbatore Mangalore express
26. 17230 Thiruvananthapuram Central Hyderabad Deccan Sabari Express
27. 12082 Thiruvananthapuram Central Kannur Kannur Jan Shatabdi Express
28. 16306 Ernakulam South Kannur Intercity express
29. 16349 Thiruvananthapuram Central Nilambur Road Rajya Rani Express
30. 12602 Chennai Mangalore Chennai Mangalore Mail
31. 16528 Kannur Yeshvantpur Kannur Yeshvantpur Express
32. 16336 Nagercoil Gandhidam Nagercoil-Gandhidam Express
33. 16687 Mangalore Jammu Tawi Navyug Express
34. 16334 Thiruvananthapuram Central Veraval Veraval Express
35. 16044 Mangalore Pondicherry Mangalore Pondicherry Express
36. 16388 Ernakulam South Okha Eranakulam Okha Express
37. 19259 Kochuveli Bhavnagar Kochuveli Bhavnagar Express
38. 16312 Kochuveli Bikaner Kochuveli Bikaner Express
39. 17605 Kachiguda Railway Station Mangalore Kachiguda Express
40. 16565 Yesvantapur Junction Mangalore Mangalore Express
41. 22475 Bikaner Coimbatore Bikaner Coimbatore superfast Express
42. 22851 Santragachi Mangalore Vivek Express
43. 16347 Thiruvananthapuram Central Mangalore Trivandrum mangalore Express
44. 22149 Ernakulam pune Ernakulam pune superfast Express
45. 10215 Madgaon Ernakulam Madgaon Ernakulam Express
46. 12484 Amritsar Kochuveli Amritsar kochuveli Express
47. 19262 Porbander Kochuveli Porbander Kochuveli Express
48. 16859 Chennai Mangalore Chennai Mangalore express


Passenger trains passing through Shoranur Junction[edit]

Shoranur Junction
No. Train No: Origin Destination
1. 56603 Thrissur Kannur
2. 56611 Palakkad Nilambur
3. 56650 Kannur Coimbatore
4. 56323 Mangalore Coimbatore
5. 56664 kozhikode thrissur
6. 56605 coimbatore thrissur

Passenger trains starting from Shoranur Junction[edit]

No. Train No: Origin Destination
1. 56600 Shoranur Calicut
2. 56611 Shoranur Nilambur
3. 56607 Shoranur Ernakulam South
4. 56613 Shoranur Nilambur
5. 66605 Shoranur Coimbatore
6. 56617 Shoranur Nilambur
7. 56619 Shoranur Nilambur
8. 56604 Shoranur Coimbatore
13. 56609 Shoranur Ernakulam South
14. 56621 Shoranur Nilambur
15. 56615 Shoranur Nilambur

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