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For the television series, see Short Circuitz.
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Short Circutz was a series of short computer animated videos that were played between television shows on YTV every weekend afternoon and evening from September 10, 1994 (coinciding with the premiere of ReBoot) until September 1, 1996. Most videos were 30 to 120 seconds long, often played between other computer animated shows, such as ReBoot and Beasties. The videos were all sampled from three film collections: The Mind's Eye, its sequel Beyond the Mind's Eye and Imaginaria. Some of the films were re-edited with alternate music and sometimes songs, in order to appeal to children.

The YTV Viewer Relations Department had this to say, in regards to the reason behind these shorts:

In the past, YTV had only 8 commercial minutes per hour all day, compared to the conventional standard of 12. Often, programs that were acquired for broadcast on YTV had been formatted for the additional commercial time and therefore required interstitials, such as 'Short Circutz', Public Service Announcements or promos to fill left over air time. With the use of 12 commercial minutes per hour, we are now able to air programs as they are formatted without the use of additional fillers.

[citation needed]

List of Shorts[edit]

Here is an official list of the 32 shorts[citation needed], from the YTV Viewer Relations Department.

  • Virtual Reality
  • Seeds Of Life
  • Afternoon Adventure
  • Brave New World
  • Transformers
  • Too Far
  • Windows
  • Nothing But Love
  • The Pyramid
  • Theatre Of Magic
  • Voyage Home
  • Creation
  • Civilization Rising
  • Heart Of The Machine
  • Technodance
  • Post Modern
  • Love Found
  • First Flight (Leaving The Bonds Of Earth)
  • The Temple
  • Imaginaria
  • Anything Is Possible
  • Locomotion
  • Andre & Wally B
  • All Shapes & Sizes
  • Rubber Duckies
  • Gourmet Records
  • Night Magic
  • Down The Road
  • Lucy & Remo
  • Styro The Dog
  • More Bells & Whistles
  • Going Home


  • Footage from the Laserdisc game Cube Quest is used more often than footage from any other individual clip in the shorts. Some examples include the jungle tunnel in "Creation," the many tunnels in "All Shapes and Sizes" and the flying ship in "All Shapes and Sizes."
  • "Andre and Wally B" is available on Pixar's website, as it is the first 3D animated film that John Lasseter ever worked on. It was made while he was at Lucasfilm.
  • "More Bells & Whistles" is one of the earliest of Wayne Lytle's productions; Lytle now produces more complex variations on the idea with his company, Animusic.
  • Some clips from the shorts are CGI commercials and promos, like an ID for MusiquePlus in Anything is Possible.

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