Short Trips: Farewells

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Doctor Who book
Book cover
Short Trips: Farewells
Series Big Finish Short Trips
Writer Jacqueline Rayner
Publisher Big Finish Productions
ISBN ISBN 1-84435-151-3
Release date March 2006

Short Trips: Farewells is a Big Finish original anthology edited by Jacqueline Rayner and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. The stories explore the theme of saying goodbye.


Title Plot Featuring Author
The Mother Road When the Doctor loses the TARDIS in a bet, he and his companions must travel across America in pursuit of businessman, Buchanan. Will the Doctor find his faithful ship? 1st Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara Gareth Wigmore
Father Figure A routine visit to London has painful consequences for Victoria when she and the Doctor are hunted down by a robot duplicate of her deceased father. 2nd Doctor, Victoria Steve Lyons
The Bad Guy On a planet under threat from a terraforming project, the Doctor attempts to save the population, whilst a madman falls in love with Jo and plots to kill the Doctor. 3rd Doctor, Jo Stephen Fewell
Separation Day The Doctor and Sarah Jane must unite two lovers. If they fail, a chain of events will be set in motion that will devastate the cosmos. 3rd Doctor, Sarah Andy Campbell
The Very Last Picture Show The Doctor and Leela are trapped inside a cinema that has been relocated to a void outside the universe itself, and an invasion of a ruthless army is the least of the Doctor's worries. 4th, Leela Andrew Collins
Into the Silent Land Haunted by a mysterious land that contains pieces of his past, the Doctor resolves to deal with his demons by travelling into his own mind. 4th and 1st Doctor, Romana II Steven A. Roman
Wake The Doctor's grief for Adric entangles himself, Tegan and Nyssa in a murder investigation on the Necropolitan, an official place of mourning. 5th Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan Jake Elliot
The Velvet Dark The Doctor, Tegan and Turlough attend the Master's funeral on Earth. But the Doctor is suspicious, and when the mysterious Mr Tase appears, Tegan, Turlough and a nurse called Laura find themselves pawns in a deadly game of life and death. 5th Doctor, Tegan and Turlough Stewart Sheargold
Life After Queth Returning Gravis home, the Doctor accidentally diverts the TARDIS to Queth, a planet on the verge of destruction, and the Doctor discovers he must break the first law of Time to save the doomed planet. 5th Doctor, Tegan and the Gravis Matt Kimpton
Black and White A heart-to-heart with Peri threatens to change the Doctor forever when he finally discovers that, sometimes, his actions can have devastating effects on the universe. 5th, Peri John Binns
Curtain Call Agatha Ellis, a woman who has lived an unhappy life, is destined to die in an asylum... until a man called the Doctor enters her life. 6th, Mel Joseph Lidster
Utopia In the far-future, the Doctor must gain the trust of Dr Morgan Sturgess in order to prevent the outbreak of war. 7th Darren Sellars
The Wickerwork Man A trip to the Trafford Centre has diasterous consequences for a boy named Peter when he accidentally awakes a tree god called Goodma from his eternal sleep... It's a race for the Doctor to prevent Goodma's conquest of humanity. 8th Paul Magrs
The Three Paths Ever since he left Gallifrey, the Doctor has been drifting through the cosmos. But today is the day he finally discovers what kind of man he has become, today's the day he returns home... to Gallifrey. 1st Doctor, Ben Jackson, Polly Wright Ian Potter

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