Short Trips: The Solar System

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Doctor Who book
Book cover
Short Trips: The Solar System
Series Big Finish Short Trips
Release number 14
Writer Gary Russell
Publisher Big Finish Productions
ISBN ISBN 1-84435-148-3
Release date September 2005

Short Trips: The Solar System is a Big Finish original anthology edited by Gary Russell and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. The collection features ten stories - one set on each planet in the solar system.


Title/Planet Author Doctor Featuring
Mercury Eddie Robson 2nd Jamie and Zoe
Venus Stuart Manning 8th Charley
Earth Jim Mortimore 4th None
Mars Trevor Baxendale 1st Vicki and Steven
Jupiter Andy Russell 6th Evelyn
Saturn Alison Lawson 5th Nyssa
Uranus Craig Hinton 7th Mel
Neptune Richard Dinnick 3rd Sarah
Pluto Dale Smith 2nd Ben and Polly
Sedna Andrew Frankham 3rd Jeremy Fitzoliver

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