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Coordinates: 43°26′38″N 71°03′04″W / 43.44389°N 71.05111°W / 43.44389; -71.05111

Shortridge Academy
Milton, NH
Type Private, Boarding
Motto Positive Youth Development in Action
Religious affiliation(s) None
Established 2002
Director Adam Rainer
Enrollment 29[citation needed]
Average class size <10
Student to teacher ratio Approx. 2.5:1
Campus Rural
Color(s) Forest Green and White
Athletics Soccer Team
Mascot Moose

Shortridge Academy is a year-round residential secondary school in Milton, New Hampshire which employs the Positive youth development model. Shortridge Academy is a coeducational therapeutic school for teenagers with problems such as low self-esteem, poor decision making, sexual promiscuity, lying, and substance abuse.[1]


The Shortridge program is structured in three phases:[2]

  • Foundations (Phase 1) consists of students adapting to their new environment. Students have no contact with friends outside of the school, and life is quite restrictive. Typically this phase lasts six to eight months. Students also get their laptop during this time.
  • Relationships (Phase 2) consists of students doing their "work" (sifting through the emotional distress they have). This phase is considered the most intense and difficult. Students may also begin contacting friends. Typically this phase lasts four months.
  • Leadership (Phase 3) consists of students transitioning home, or to other locations. This is the least restrictive phase, and there are few guidelines and restrictions surrounding contact with friends/family. Students will also begin going home for five day visits. Typically this phase lasts two to four months leading up to graduation from the program.

Visit progression

  1. Double On Campus (Two days spent on campus)
  2. Single on, Single Off (One day spent on campus one day off campus)
  3. Double Off (Two days spent off campus)
  4. Single overnight (One full day and night off campus, second day off campus)
  5. Double overnight (Two full days and nights spent off campus)
  6. Homevisit (Prearranged amount of days at home)

Workshop progression

(Intense group therapy with a specific theme)

  • Innocence Workshop (2 day) – attended between the 1st and 3rd months
  • Friendship Workshop (2 days) - attended between the 4th and 5th months
  • Choices and Integrity Workshop (2 days) – attended between the 7th and 8th months
  • Opportunities Workshop (3 days) – attended between the 13th and 14th months


The majority of students enrolled at Shortridge Academy have attended a therapeutic wilderness program prior to enrollment. This allows for a more smooth transition, and gives the student a good idea of the things he/she will need to work on while attending Shortridge Academy.


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