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Shots (social network)
Developer(s) Shots Mobile, Inc.
Initial release November 12, 2013; 8 months ago (2013-11-12)
Stable release v2.2
Development status Active
Operating system Apple iOS
Size 7.9 MB
Type Photo & Video
Alexa rank 73,473 (May 2014)[1]

Shots is a selfie photo sharing application and social network for iOS.[2][3][4][5]

John Shahidi and Sam Shahidi co-founded and co-created Shots. John Shahidi serves as CEO of Shots [6][7][8]


Shots is an iOS-based social platform that allows users, primarily teenagers, to take and post selfies.[9][10][11][12]

The app only allows the use of front-view cameras and users can only take pictures through the app.[2][3][4] Shots does not allow users to upload previously taken pictures.[2] The iPhone app also does not have a public comment feature over concerns about cyber-bullying and does not post follower counts.[13]

Shots does allow users to directly message others.[2][3][6][14][15]

In 2014, Shots added language localization in Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish (Mexico).[16] The app also added the "Reply Shot", which lets users respond to followers through selfies instead of comments.[17][18][19]


Shots Mobile held its first round of seed funding for Shots in 2012.[2][9][10][20][21][22] The funding round raised $1.6 million from Shervin Pishevar, Floyd Mayweather, Omar Epps,[23] NALA investments, and Tom McInerney.[2][9][10][20][21][22]

The company held a second round of funding for $1.1 million, which was led by Justin Bieber.[2][6][20][24] Bieber had previously provided feedback for games developed by Shots Mobile, Inc.[3][6] He also promoted the games through Twitter.[3][6]

Shots went into production in January 2013 and the app was launched in the App Store in November 2013.[2][4][6]

In 2014, Shots reached 1 million users. 75% of the app's users are females under the age of 24.[17][25]

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