Show Me the Way to Go Home

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"Show Me the Way to Go Home" is a popular song written in 1925[1] by the pseudonymous "Irving King" (the English songwriting team James Campbell and Reginald Connelly). The song is said to have been written on a train journey from London by Campbell and Connelly. They were tired from the traveling and had a few alcoholic drinks during the journey, hence the lyrics. The song is in common use in England, Ireland, and North America.


Written[1] and recorded in 1925 as by Irving King.[2] Irving King was a pseudonym of the songwriting duo Jimmy Campbell and Reg Connelly.

Also recorded in 1925[3] by the California Ramblers. Interestingly, this group also recorded under at least 111 other pseudonyms.

Popular culture[edit]




  • In the World War II TV show Combat!, a captured German soldier shows his love for America by singing this song.
  • In an episode of Family Guy ("A Fish out of Water"), where Peter and his friends are on his boat hunting a feared fish, they recreate the scene from Jaws and sing this song as they become weary.
  • The character Harry Hewitt sings a portion of this song in a drunken stupor in an early episode of Coronation Street, transmitted in early 1961.
  • Davy Jones sings this during the "Listen To The Band/Chaos" segment of The Monkees TV special "33 and a 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee" (NBC, 1968.)
  • In an episode of Red Dwarf ("Thanks for the Memory"), the main characters get drunk after finding a planet with a breathable atmosphere, afterwards singing the song while piloting a shuttle back to the ship, altering the words "And it's gone right to my head" with "To celebrate Rimmer's death" (BBC2, 1988.)
  • Babylon 5 Ep 5.14 Meditations on the Abyss, Garibaldi is singing this to himself while he is very drunk.