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Ankit Tomar (pronounced [ăņ:ķĭ'ț:Țǘ'mē'ŕ]; born 3 November 1998), also known as Ganesh, is an Indian student. He is son of G. S. Tomar, and midle one of four sisters. Noted for his Project "Solar air heater" during National Science Children Congress 2013- Tomar has received two gold medals, for his projects.

Contents 1 Early life and background 2 School history 3 National Science Children Congress 4 Awards 5 Refrences

<Early life and bankground> Born into a middle class family in Sainj village in north India on 3 November 1998, Tomar is the middlist of five children of G. S. Tomar is an 11th standard student.