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It's Showtime
It's Showtime (logo 2012).jpg
Also known as Showtime (2009–2012)
Genre Variety show, Musical, Comedy
Created by Bobet Vidanes
Written by Marlet Bagtang
Noemi Fernando
Ruth Peña-Padriga
Herman "Isko" Salvador
Directed by Bobet Vidanes
Presented by Vhong Navarro
Billy Crawford
Anne Curtis
Karylle Yuzon
Vice Ganda
Kim Atienza
Jugs Jugueta
Teddy Corpuz
Jhong Hilario
Ryan Bang
Coleen Garcia
Eric Tai
Xiamara Sophia Vigor
Judges Jhong Hilario
Celebrity "Hurados"
Theme music composer DJ MOD and Bobet Vidanes
Opening theme "Showtime (2012 remix)"
performed by It's Showtime hosts
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, English
No. of seasons 10
No. of episodes 1,780 (as of May 30, 2015)
Executive producer(s) Mark Rejano
Editor(s) Alphonse Dayao
Kerwin de Mesa
Malvin Flores
Location(s) Quezon City, Philippines
Running time 2 hours and 15 minutes (Monday – Friday at 12:15 – 14:30 PST)
3 hours (Saturday at 12:00 – 15:00 PST)
Original channel ABS-CBN (2009–present)
TFC (2009–present)
Picture format NTSC (480i)
Original release as Showtime:
(October 24, 2009 – January 28, 2012)
as It's Showtime:
(February 6, 2012 – present)
Preceded by Pilipinas, Game KNB? (for Showtime)
Happy Yipee Yehey! (for It's Showtime)
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It's Showtime (formerly known as Showtime) is a Philippine noontime musical variety show broadcast on ABS-CBN. The show is also broadcast worldwide through The Filipino Channel. The show premiered on October 24, 2009 as a morning talent show for over four regular seasons and various special editions. On January 28, 2012, the show aired its final episode with its two-year competition format and ended with an impartial farewell.[1] On January 30, the program revealed a teaser showing its reincarnated look as a reformatted noontime show now entitled It's Showtime, which premiered on February 6, 2012.[2][3][4] The show simulcasted on Studio 23 (now ABS-CBN Sports and Action) during its relaunch week. It aired live daily on CgeTV's website.[5]


Karylle (left) and Anne Curtis (right), with guest co-host Angelica Panganiban.

Original Main hosts (as "Showtime Series")[edit]

Hosts (as "Its Showtime")[edit]

Former and Occasional guest co-host[edit]


Competition format[edit]

On October 24, 2009, Showtime premiered as a morning program, airing before the network's noontime shows, which served as the replacement of Pilipinas, Game KNB? (after its successful 8-year run). The original cast consisted of Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis, Kim Atienza, Jugs Jugueta and Teddy Corpuz, and Vice Ganda as the permanent judge. During the third season, the show added previously evicted judges – Billy Crawford and Karylle as hosts

In its first four seasons (see below), Showtime had its competition format, wherein three groups, each made up of two to twenty-five members (with no age limit), performing a single performance, whether it is a song and/or dance number oAfter the group's performance, the judges would give a collective yes or no to the group. If the judges give a yes, the group is considered part of the main contest, with the judges' scores to the group's performance to be included in the calculation for the winner. A no would, of course, mean exclusion of the group from the main contest. This segment was removed during season 2. In season 3, during the February 16, 2011 episode, the said segment was returned but no random selection, instead the group automatically performs on stage.

The group with the highest average score from the judges wins and proceeds to the weekly finals. All winners throughout the whole week perform in the weekly finals. Whoever wins in the weekly finals will get the chance to compete in the monthly finals. Lastly, all the monthly finalists compete in a season grand finals.

Aside from the talent competition, Showtime also aired quick and short-termed segments that offer cash prizes to the studio audience. On January 1, 2011, the show was moved temporarily to the noontime slot. It went back to its original timeslot on February 12, 2011 to give way to Happy Yipee Yehey!.

Noontime variety format[edit]

It's Showtime set.

Showtime ended their pre-noontime slot run on January 28, 2012 to prepare for their noontime-reformatted show which premiered on February 6, 2012 on its new timeslot, 11:30 am, replacing former noontime program Happy Yipee Yehey!. The show retained all of its hosts, including Vice Ganda, while adding former judges Jhong Hilario, Ryan Bang, and Coleen Garcia. Eric Tai was added as a new host during the pilot episode. It's Showtime aired new long-term segments, while the competitive format returned once again as one of its segments. The competitive format was used for one final season, season five. To cater the entire family audience, a new competition called Bida Kapamilya was introduced on April 30, 2012 as season six. Throughout the run of Bida Kapamilya, It's Showtime added Joy Rendon (May 19, 2012) and Red Talimban (October 27, 2012) as part of the cast.[6]


Current segments[edit]

Sine Mo 'To[edit]

Sine Mo' To is Showtime's first segment. It features a skit that may be parodies of different topics or originally-written stories. A minimum of three audience members are chosen each day to play a role in the skit. At the end of the segment, these audience players will receive a prize in the form of money based on their performance.

AdVice Ganda[edit]

A new segment where Vice Ganda as Madam Bertud gives relationship-related advice to the audience. It started as a skit on a segment of Sine Mo 'To in the previous week.


This segment, which name is lifted from the Tagalog question "Ano'ng sabi?" (English: What did you say?), is a guessing game where two contestants will pick one out of three sets (numbered 1 to 3) of five words (out of the two remaining sets for the second player) and they will guess what word Prince Bang Hyun Sung (portrayed by Ryan Bang) is saying by watching the movement of his mouth via monitor screen from a separate room without sound (Usually performed outside the studio). Players are assisted by Lee Min Jhong (portrayed by Jhong Hilario). They must guess up to five words within two minutes, without saying "pass". Each guessed word is worth P1000.00. Additional P5000.00 will be received on either of these conditions:

  • Only one contestant have at least one point
  • The score of the contestant is greater than the opponent
  • If both contestants ended as a tie, then it will be based on the quickest time that they guessed the first word.

If either one or both contestants fail to guess a word, Minister Kim Chi (portrayed by Kim Atienza) will be punished. The punishment is determined by Kim himself who draws one out of three cards, in which the card drawn will be read by Jhong.


A sub-segment spun-off from Sine Mo'To wherein hosts are gathered onstage and one of them will tell some tall tale fictional stories and humorous jokes. It is regarded as a "filler segment" that is only produced when warranted in cases that the last segment ends earlier than expected and leaves behind a vacant time (more or less than 15 minutes) before the show ends.


Walang Basagan ng Trip[edit]

Xia and Kuys[edit]

Discontinued segments[edit]


One of the major concepts of the Showtime series airing throughout the whole run is the competition, in which talent groups compete against each other in a tournament for the grand finals.


Everyday there are winner/s which will compete in the Weekly Finals, the winner/s in the Weekly Finals will directly be one the finalists for the Monthly Finals. The winner/s in the Monthly Finals will compete in the Grand Finals.

Grand Finals[edit]

Special episodes[edit]

Wildcard Weeks[edit]

This was called the Wildcard Week. The best groups that either did not make it to the monthly finals or was in the monthly finals but lost got another chance to compete again in order to win a slot to the Grand Finals. During the week, the main hosts got to switch roles (except for Vice Ganda who still got to be a judge).

In season one, Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis, and Kim Atienza got the role of being the judges, Teddy and Jugs got the role of hosts/interviewers, and the longest-staying judge Jhong Hilario got the role of introducing the group contestants. At the Wildcard Finals that was aired on July 23, 2010, the groups XB Gensan and Boyz Unlimited Dancers tied in the competition and became the 10th and 11th finalist to compete in the Grand Finals.

In season two, Vhong Navarro, and Kim Atienza including Jhong Hilario got the role of being the judges, Teddy and Jugs got the role of hosts/interviewers, and ex-judge Bianca Manalo got the role of introducing the group contestants. Anne Curtis returned on the Wednesday episode but she still had her spot as host/interviewer and did not join the judging panel. On the Thursday and Friday episodes respectively, Anne replaced Vhong Navarro as judge since he was absent. At the Wildcard Finals that was aired on December 17, 2010, the group Ground Zero won the competition and became the 10th finalist to compete in the Grand Finals.

In season three, Vice Ganda joined Vhong Navarro in hosting the show while Karylle, Kim Atienza, Billy Crawford, Jugs and Teddy, and Anne Curtis became the judges. At the Wildcard Finals that was aired on May 13, 2011, the group The Next Level Octomix Dancers and Street Noize tied the competition and became the 11th and 12th finalist to compete in the Grand Finals.

In season four, Vhong, Billy and Vice reprise the role as a host/interviewer while Kim, Karylle, Jugs & Teddy, Anne and Showtime resident choreographers Mel Feliciano, May Francisco and Showtime Dancers will take their spot as a judges. Ex-judge Georgina Wilson took over as a host/interviewer in lieu of Vice Ganda due to his absence for two days. The Wildcard Finals was aired on December 5, 2011. It was the first time that the Wildcard Finals was extended into four different groups in one episode who did not make it in either the daily, weekly or monthly finals. The groups Prime Machine and UDC tied the competition and became the 13th and 14th finalist to compete in the Grand Finals.

Kids Edition[edit]

This week was dedicated to the children called "Showtime: Kids Edition". During the week, kid group performers were the ones who would show their talents and also kids were the audience. Nash Aguas and Sharlene San Pedro were the special kid judges that joined the judging panel. No voting of judges for eviction during the week. At the end of the week, a finals was held where the winner here is the Showtime Kids Edition Champion. The kid group "Cea's Angels" won and became Showtime Kids Edition Champion, but they were not eligible to go to the monthly finals with the regular performers. But during Season 3 Summer Special, Nash and Sharlene reprises the role as kid judges receptively together with selected Goin Bulilit kids during April 4 to 9-week long kids group competition. In Season 4, Krista Kleiner, Katya Santos and Goin' Bulilit Kids were the special judges that joined the judging panel. No voting of judges for eviction during the week on December 19 to 23-week long kids group competition. At the end of competition the kid group "JPS Dance Crew" won of P200,000 and 2nd Showtime Kids Edition Champion.

Campus Clash Edition[edit]

The Campus Clash Edition features group performances of all school levels (Elementary, High School & College/Universities). Jhong Hilario, Gabriel Valenciano, Lauren Young, and Gretchen Fullido were the season's judges. The winning group received P 1 million in cash plus P 500,000 for the school campus. The Campus Clash Edition lasted for only a month, which took place in January 2012.

Grand Sample Finals[edit]

This was the Grand Finals of the segment "Sample! Sample! Sample!" of Showtime held at Studio 2 of ABS-CBN. Five contestants called "Grand Sampolistas" performed their talents to the judges and the audience to become Showtime's First Grand Sample Champion. The longest remaining judge Ryan Bang acted as the guest host due to Vice Ganda's absence. The special set of judges for the Grand Sample Finals were former Showtime judges Dimples Romana, Carmen Soo, Bianca Manalo, and Gladys Reyes. At the end of the episode, Grand Sampolista #5 Remiel Galeno from Caloocan emerged as the winner of the competition. He won the grand prize of P100,000 and became the 1st Grand Sample Champion with a final average score of 9.8 pts. On February 5, 2011, the second Grand Finals was held along with the Week 5 weekly finals. The judges of Week 5 (except Vice Ganda) are the ones who made the difficult task of judging the 4 Grand Sampolistas. Grand Sampolista #4 Red & Pink, a duo group from Quezon City emerged as the winner and became the 2nd Grand Sample Champion with a final average score of 10 pts. They won the grand prize of P100,000 and the first ever duo group to win the competition.

All Star Barangayan[edit]

Signaling the return of Showtime to its regular timeslot, the main competition of the show showcased various talents from groups of different barangays. The first competition was held on February 12, 2011. The guest hurados were news personalities Ted Failon, Gus Abelgas, Pinky Webb and Karen Davila. The episode also welcomed 2 new co-hosts for the show: singers Billy Crawford and Karylle.

Holy Week Special[edit]

In honor of Holy Week, Showtime suspended the daily performances and reflected on the best highlights since the show's launch. Also, the hosts looked back at the previous groups who performed at the show and what they gave back positively in this special time of the year. However, in 2012, It's Showtime continued to air live for the next three days with a special letter sender segment with the usual "Arte Mo" and "Singing V". In 2013, a Drama special was held in place of its usual format, featuring stories of Bida Kapamilya finalists as portrayed by Showtime hosts under the helm of TV Directors. The drama special again in 2014, featuring stories of Stars of 45 finalists as portrayed by Showtime hosts under the helm of TV Directors including the Interviews to the Winners. In 2015, the drama special about the stories of PINASikat and I Am Pogay finalists as portrayed by Showtime hosts under the helm of TV Directors including the Interviews to the Contestants as well as musical performances by Karylle, Noel Cabangon, Kyla, Jason Dy, Erik Santos and Darren Espanto.

Christmas Week Special[edit]

This week had contestants that must have a Christmas theme in their performances. This week had special guest judges who will judge the contestants this week. The special set of judges included TV Patrol reporter Marc Logan, Miss Universe 2010's 4th runner-up Maria Venus Raj and Pilipinas Got Talent judges Comedy concert queen Ai-Ai Delas Alas and Philippines' Queen of all Media Kris Aquino. The weekly finals was aired on December 24, 2010, and the all-girl group Ephesians won the competition.

Summer Special[edit]

The show will had its month-long Summer Special. Featuring talents of various groups each week, the 1st week will feature All-Girl groups while the audience and Guest Hurados will be All-Boys, the 2nd week will feature All-Boy Groups while the audience and Guest Hurados will be All-Girls and the 3rd week will feature All-Kid groups, guest hurados and audiences, and the next three weeks will be a battle between Boy Groups vs. Girl Groups vs. Kid Groups and the Monthly Finals itself will be on the last week.

Show Anniversaries[edit]

During first anniversary, a special episode celebrating Showtime's first anniversary. The contestants consisted of the hosts with ex-hurados and guests. Jugs and Teddy's group with Yeng Constantino, Marc Abaya and Kean Cipriano, Kuya Kim's group with Alessandra De Rossi and Gloc-9, Anne Curtis' group with singers Robert Sena, Led Sobrepeña III and Bugoy Drilon, Vhong Navarro's group with Jhong Hilario, Archie Alemania, Izzy Canillo and Bugoy Carino and Vice Ganda's group with beauty queens Precious Lara Quigaman and Miriam Quiambao. The groups were judged by a special set of celebrity hurados namely returning judge Gladys Reyes, Gary Valenciano, Luis Manzano, Arnel Pineda, and the Kimerald loveteam of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. At the end of the episode, the winner of the competition was the group of Jugs and Teddy.[12]

During the second anniversary, the show suspends daily competitions for the hosts to show their hidden talents and became contestants themselves. Two hosts will perform each day and they will be judged by a special set of hurados (Celebrity doctors Manny Calayan and Vicki Belo, Director Cathy Garcia-Molina, "Queen of Fragrances" Joel Cruz and Celebrity fashion designer Liz Uy). In the second anniversary, some of former contestants/groups and judges performing from the previous season to introduce their second anniversary week including showtime's game segments like Kantaranta, Arte Mo! and I know U!. On October 22, Anne Curtis won the competition getting a perfect score of 10 from all the hurados and received P100,000 which she donated to a charity. Billy Crawford and Vice Ganda were the runners-up and received P50,000 each for their chosen charities.[13]

On the Third Anniversary itself, in October 22–27, 2012, it had no competition so far after the Bida Kapamilya finals was held. This time, the hosts will group into pairs, after their solo performances 2 years back. These pairs will show their hidden talents as contestants themselves. There will be one or two pairs to perform each day and it will determined by the special set of hurados (Actress Eula Valdez, Talent manager Alfie Lorenzo and his wife Angge, Actor & Singer Jericho Rosales and Veteran actress Maricel Soriano.) At the end of the week, teams Anne & Karylle, Jugs & Teddy, and Billy & Vhong all had perfect scores having a triple tie, and each won P100,000 prize money to their chosen charity.

Last October 21–26, 2013, the show turned its fourth year anniversary. Once again, the hosts will group into pairs or trios and they will show their hidden talents once more, as contestants. This will be determined by a special set of hurados (Box Office Comedy Queen Ai-Ai de las Alas, TV Hosts Amy Perez and Ruffa Gutierrez and Singers Robert Seña and Isay Alvarez-Seña.) At the end of the week, the 3rd placer goes to Team Billy, Vhong and Coleen; 2nd placer goes to Team Vice and Kuya Kim (Vice performed as a solo in place for his partner Kuya Kim in time to take his rest after his successful recovery at the hospital) and the Grand Champion goes to Team Teddy, Karylle and Jugs. All winning cash prizes, half of the prize will go to the victims of the recent Visayas Earthquake through ABS-CBN's relief arm Sagip Kapamilya while the other half will go to their chosen charity.

At the show's 5th Anniversary last October 20–25, 2014, it revived a previous segment "Arte Mo!" while "Sine Mo'To" featured sequels of past stories that have been told in the segment. The hosts once more will group into pairs or trios (in the case of Team TBJ-Teddy, Billy and Jugs which is a trio team), and one team performs during the 5-day competition period. The performers will be judged accordingly by a special set of hurados (Singer Pops Fernandez, Former APO Hiking Society member and Social media activist Jim Paredes, and actress Cherie Gil). At the end of the competition, the 3rd placer goes to Team Anne and Coleen who performed a Two woman band and Acrobatic stunts, while 2nd placer goes to Team Vhong and Jhong who performed a skit on their friendship that resulted into a work of art featuring their faces, and the Grand Champion goes to the trio of Team TBJ-Teddy, Billy and Jugs who did a mock game show and took home one audience member P90,000. All of the winning cash prizes will go to their chosen beneficiaries, while the two non-winning teams will also take home P50,000 for their chosen beneficiaries.

Best of Showtime/It's Showtime[edit]

It was in 2010 that the show held its first year-end special week. This was hosted by Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis, Kim Atienza, Teddy Corpuz, Jugs Jugueta and Vice Ganda. This week highlighted the best and funniest scenes and performances of the contestants, judges, and hosts since the start of Showtime.

In 2011, the show held its year-end special week. Like the previous year, the host highlighted the best and funniest scenes and performances of the contestants, judges, and hosts since the start of Showtime combined season 3 & 4 respectively.

In 2012, the show held its year-end special week for only four days after their Christmas special. This year highlights the best and funniest scenes and performances of the contestants, judges, and hosts of It's Showtime for the past 11 months since its debuted on the noontime slot in February of the same year.

In 2013, the show held its year-end special for only 3 days. This year highlights were featured some of the former contestants and various performers in the show.

In 2014, the show held its year-end special for only 4 days for their 5th anniversary of It's Showtime. This year highlights were featured some of the former contestants and various performers in the show, and also their post 5th anniversary of the show.

The Thanksgiving Episode[edit]

On January 28, 2012, the day after the finals of the Campus Clash Edition, the show aired a special episode wherein they gave thanks to its loyal viewers through different performances by past contestants and winners. The episode also featured the show's staff and the previous judges and their contributions to the show's success. The episode ended ambiguously with the hosts exiting the stage while entering an arc decorated with words giving thanks to the viewers. The episode caused quite a stir to fans and online users as many speculated that Showtime was cancelled. It was hinted in the show that followed its timeslot, Happy Yipee Yehey!, during a cold opening sketch done by its main hosts that Showtime will only say goodbye for a week while it was HYY saying goodbye forever. This was proven in the following news reports that HYY was indeed cancelled and the relaunched Showtime will replace it under the title It's Showtime.

The Finals Week[edit]

This was the first time that instead of the usual format which is after the wildcard finals will be the Grand Finals itself, The show had its Finals Week, which the viewers will get to know the finalists right before the actual Grand Finals. In October 15–19, 2012, 9 finalists for Bida Kapamilya were introduced for the entire week. These family teams are joined by their celebrity mentors to train themselves and to motivate each family teams.



Showtime had been a successful pre-noontime show of ABS-CBN. Showtime hit an all-time high rating during its Season 1 Grand Finals last July 24, 2010. Based on Kantar Media Philippines, it garnered 35% national rating versus 8.9% of Diz Iz It! and 13.7% of Eat Bulaga.[14]

It's Showtime[edit]

It's Showtime's pilot on ABS-CBN scored a 13.6 household rating. Overall, the pilot scored a 16.3 household rating (the combined It's Showtime pilot telecast on ABS-CBN and Studio 23). The ratings were a little sluggish, rating as low as 9.2% up to a high of 15.8% (grand finals) and consistently lagged within the 10–12 points range (against Eat Bulaga's 17 to the mid-20's range) on its first few months but were a little better than its predecessor Happy Yipee Yehey! according to Kantar Media Philippines.

However, during the Bida Kapamilya Final Week and Anniversary Week respectively, its ratings peaked to 20.9% national household rating beating TAPE's Eat Bulaga, which only got 15% dropped based on Kantar Media's National Urban ratings.[15][16]

When Be Careful with My Heart was moved to an 11:45AM timeslot, It's Showtime was also moved to a later timeslot of 12:30PM. The variety show's ratings became pretty stable beating Eat Bulaga almost every day. The ratings of It's Showtime and Eat Bulaga fall within the range of 11–15% household ratings every day of the week. Be Careful with My Heart is also attributed to the stable ratings because of its primetime-like ratings and audience (usually rating between 24–27 points, and went as high as 30 points). It's Showtime's performance regained ABS-CBN's foothold in noontime national ratings.

When Kalokalike was introduced to the show, it became one of the trending topics in social media. It's Showtime became consistent in leading national TV ratings beating Eat Bulaga and Wowowillie. The Ultimate Kalokalike Showdown held last June 2, 2013, garnered a whooping 26.8% national rating leaving Eat Bulaga and Wowowillie with 13.2% and 2.8% national ratings respectively.[17] Due to its success, Kalokalike Face 2 was introduced. The Ultimate Showdown, held on September 28, 2013, posted a 21.6% national TV rating beating Eat Bulaga (15.8%) and Wowowillie (2.6%).[18]

After Kalokalike, It's Showtime edged out rivals with a new trend setter segment That's My Tomboy on October 15, 2013.[19] The 4th Anniversary week special of It's Showtime from October 21–26, 2013 also sustained the leadership of the show in noontime and daytime ratings game.[20][21]

Showtime: The Album[edit]

Showtime: The Album
Compilation album
Released October 15, 2010 (2010-10-15)
Recorded 2010
Genre Soundtrack
Label Star Records
Producer Jonathan Manalo (executive)

A self-debut album composed of five music tracks featuring the Showtime hosts.[22][23]

  • Showtime Theme – Showtime cast
  • Magpasikat – Teddy Corpuz
  • Madlang People – Song created by DJ M.O.D.
  • Hari Ng Dance Floor – Vhong Navarro
  • We'll Get There – Anne Curtis


Showtime and its hosts went to Cebu to have live shows from February 1–6, 2010. Voting for "Hurado o Burado" were suspended for this week as Sheryn Regis and Gab Valenciano both guested as special judges.

A special episode featuring the highlights of One Kapamilya Go at Great America in Santa Clara, CA and the special Showtime episode with all the hosts and special hurados. The event originally took place on September 12, 2010, airing a month later October 17, 2010 exclusively on The Filipino Channel. The special hurados consisted of Pooh, Gelo of Barangay USA, Angelica Panganiban, Michael Copon, and Vice Ganda. On December 2, 2011, the show recently visit Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

In 2013, It's Showtime hosts performed in Honolulu, Hawaii for their day-long concert tour.

Last September 2014, It's Showtime hosts will perform in Canada for their concert tour as a part of their pre-5th anniversary of It's Showtime.


MTRCB suspension[edit]

Showtime was suspended by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) for 20 days. This was due to comments uttered by guest judge Rosanna Roces against certain groups, especially on teachers, heard live on January 7, 2010. As a form of self-regulation, ABS-CBN relieved Roces of her jury duty, but suspension was still served against the show effective January 11, 2010, thus returning on February 1. In the meantime, a placeholder show called Magpasikat took over Showtime's timeslot.[24] The show had essentially the same format as with Showtime, except that the competing groups were composed of celebrities.

The suspension period, however, lasted only for six days after the Court of Appeals issued a 60-day temporary restraining order against the MTRCB on January 15, 2010. The issuance of the order, and therefore the return of Showtime was announced later in Magpasikat.[25][26][27]

On March 26, 2010, MTRCB ordered a total 1-month suspension of the program because of the incident, including the replacement "Magpasikat." The MTRCB also directed the filing of criminal charges against Florida Tan, ABS-CBN vice-president for programming, and other officers "responsible for the violation."[28] Bong Osorio, head of ABS-CBN's Corporate Communications said that the suspension is not yet final and that they are seeking appeal before the Office of the President.[29] However the said variety show wins the case due to the MTRCB has not presented new arguments that would justify a reversal of its previous resolution.[30][31]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Work Result
2010 24th PMPC Star Awards for Television Best Talent-Search Program Cast and crew Won
Best Talent-Search Program Hosts Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis, Kim Atienza & Vice Ganda Nominated
2011 25th PMPC Star Awards for Television[32] Best Talent-Search Program Cast and crew Won
(tied with TV5's
Talentadong Pinoy)
Best Talent-Search Program Hosts Anne Curtis, Vhong Navarro, Vice Ganda, Kim Atienza, Billy Crawford, Karylle & Jugs and Teddy Nominated
2012 8th USTv Student's Choice Awards[33] Best Reality Show Cast and crew Won
34th Catholic Mass Media Awards Best Entertainment Program Cast and crew Nominated
26th PMPC Star Awards for Television Best Reality & Game Show Cast and crew Won
Best Reality & Game Show Hosts Anne Curtis, Vhong Navarro, Vice Ganda, Kim Atienza, Billy Crawford, Karylle, Ryan Bang, Coleen Garcia, Jhong Hilario & Jugs and Teddy Won
2013 9th USTv Student's Choice Awards[34] Best Variety Show Cast and crew Won
Best Variety Show Host Anne Curtis Won
27th PMPC Star Awards for Television[35] Best Variety Show Cast and crew Won
Best Male TV Host Billy Crawford Won
Vhong Navarro Nominated
Vice Ganda Nominated
Best Female TV Host Anne Curtis Won
Karylle Nominated
2014 Yahoo OMG! Philippines Awards Male TV Host Vhong Navarro Won
28th PMPC Star Awards for Television Best Variety Show Cast and Crew Won
Best Male TV Host Billy Crawford Nominated
Vice Ganda Won
Best Female TV Host Anne Curtis Nominated


See also[edit]


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