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Shoyeido (Japanese: 松榮堂、松栄堂 Hepburn: Shōeidō?) is the oldest traditional Japanese incense company, established more than 300 years ago, producing high quality, natural incense. The company is based in Kyoto.[1]


Shōeidō written in kanji

The name "Shoyeido" (Shōeidō) is derived from the three characters Shō, Ei, and Dō.

  • Shō means "Pine tree"
  • Ei is the ancient sound meaning "Prosperity"
  • is a store or company.

The Shō is from the traditional Sho Chiku Bai trio of shō (松 pine tree), chiku (竹 bamboo) and bai (梅 plum tree), which are used as a traditional Japanese grading system, to represent varying degrees of quality. In this grading system, shō represents the highest grade or quality.


Shoyeido has 7 retail stores. There are two in Kyōto, three in Tōkyō, one in Sapporo, and one in Boulder, Colorado, USA.


Shoyeido carries several series of incense. The two main series are the "Daily Incense" series (京線香 Kyō-senkō?) and the "Premium Incense" series (高級線香 Kōkyū-senkō?). The following tables are ordered from least expensive to most expensive.

Half-size boxes: Sei-fū, Haku-un, Kyō-zakura, Kin-kaku
Premium incense: Matsu-no-tomo, Ōja-kō, Kyō-jiman, Shun-yō, Mishō
Daily Incense (京線香 Kyō-senkō?)
English Japanese Romaji
Great Origin 大元香 Daigen-kō
Eternal Treasure 寶永香 Hōei-kō
Orchid 蘭華 Ranka
Kyoto Autumn Leaves 京にしき Kyō-nishiki
Moss Garden のきば Nokiba
Golden Pavilion 金閣 Kin-kaku
Kyoto Cherry Blossom 京桜 Kyō-zakura
Five Hills 五山 Go-zan
White Cloud 白雲 Haku-un
Circle 円明 En-mei
Fresh Breeze 清風 Sei-fū
Low smoke series
Silhouette ほのか Honoka
Gossamer かすみ Kasumi
Illusions おぼろ Oboro
Premium Incense (高級線香 Kōkyū-senkō?)
English Japanese Romaji
Friend of Pine 松の友 Matsu-no-tomo
King's Aroma 王奢香 Ōja-kō
Pride of Kyoto 京自慢 Kyō-jiman
Beckoning Spring 春陽 Shun-yō
Gentle Smile 微笑 Mishō
Southern Wind 南薫 Nan-kun
Refinement 雅芳 Ga-hō
Five Clouds 五雲 Go-un
Infinity 妙芳 Myō-hō
Translucent Path 正覚 Shō-kaku

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